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Miami’s Annual Art Basel Week 2016

On November 28th, Altpick-writer and illustrator, Andreas von Buddenbrock, went to Miami, FL, for the annual  ‘Art Week’. What follows is a description of his experiences and observations, rather than a review of the fairs themselves. Illustrations made for this … Continue reading

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The Art Creation Process: Content Curation by Oliver Wetter

It might be pure accident that the word Cure is in the word Curation. No it is no accident. Curation is the only cure for information overload. In the digital age, everyone can be a content curator. Regardless if you collect art on deviantArt, … Continue reading

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Art, Commerce and What Comes Next

When Miami artist John Lacko found himself on the receiving end of a corporate pink slip, he did what most of us do – packed up his post-its and headed for the door. After years toiling in a cubicle, he … Continue reading

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Rudy Gutierrez Illustrates US Postage Stamp :: Music Legend Jimi Hendrix

Reposted from the US Postal Service Born in the Bronx, New York, and raised in Teaneck, New Jersey, Rudy Gutierrez received a bachelor of fine arts degree from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. After graduating, he made a career for himself … Continue reading

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Art Fears Business Fears Art

Blog post by Scott Hull Many times I find it hard to put into words what, exactly, it is I do. One of my favorite thinkers Seth Godin truly understands creativity and business. He recently shared these thoughts on the relationship between … Continue reading

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Duggal and the Artists Who Create to Change the World

By Baldev Duggal It was more than ten years ago when we first worked with acclaimed photographer Russell James. He had been commissioned by Hermes to create a site-specific installation at the Academy of Art in Tribeca. James, already pushing … Continue reading

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Anastasia Vasilakis’ 25 Days In Berlin

These images are my travelogue of the 25 days I spent in Berlin. I jumped the sea to see where a new love would go. I followed my heart and a voice. Literally. Berlin was the backdrop to the mysterious, lush, all … Continue reading

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Fishing in the Big Pond: From Regional to [Inter]National

Louisa Curtis has chops. Her credentials come from years in the commercial photography industry. She now helps photographers refine their vision, target appropriate audiences and create/implement Internet-driven business plans. A question she has been asked and is imminently qualified to … Continue reading

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A Bear Who Loves Art

We get excited when two of our loves connect and make beautiful. Art and wine. What’s not to love? When Altpick member, Eduardo Bertone met Bear Flag Wine merrymaker, Beth Cutler, more than one hallelujahs were sung. Including an enthusiastic … Continue reading

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Art + Japan = Compassion

It is no coincidence there is passion in compassion. In a continuing effort to show Japan they are an island in geography only, Altpick is providing a platform in an effort to activate, inspire and facilitate the marrying of passion … Continue reading

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