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Vialli Illustrates Raymond Chandler’s “Farewell, My Lovely”

Philip Marlowe may be writer Raymond Chandler’s most prominent private eye, but another important, yet often overlooked hero (or heroine in this case), is his outstanding female character, Anne Riordan. The two of them showed up together in the novel … Continue reading

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Tom Cocotos’ New Portrait Series Features Some Well-Known Faces

Who knew that you could do so much with so little? Well, we knew of course, because we’re very familiar with the excellent collage illustrations made by Altpick member Tom Cocotos. His most recent portraits depict some all-too-recognizable celebrities such … Continue reading

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Julie Lieberman and Louis Clausi’s “Spirits of Savannah”

“Spirits of Savannah” is an illustrated book of ghost encounters woven into historical fiction, and conjured into a live multimedia theatrical performance.  Set in Savannah, Georgia, the stories document 16 actual and recent ghost encounters that seamlessly combine factual and … Continue reading

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Lacko Illustration :: In His Own Words

by John Lacko Clients hire me for many reasons – mostly to help them translate an idea into my stylized and colorful designs. My inspiration comes from movies, street trends, and pop culture but sometimes it comes from the weird … Continue reading

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Up In Arms :: David Cooper In Character

“I learned from early on to really pay attention to what came out naturally when I doodled on scraps of paper …” David paid attention. With his distinctive and unforgettable illustrations, both big and bigger, he has left his ink. More … Continue reading

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Man and Ball – The Old Fashion Game

The god has risen. He is not happy. What have the mortals done to his beloved Game? Let Sleeping Gods Lie is the inaugural issue of Man and Ball soccer magazine, a digital UK publication.  Its writers – nay, firestarters … Continue reading

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A Bear Who Loves Art

We get excited when two of our loves connect and make beautiful. Art and wine. What’s not to love? When Altpick member, Eduardo Bertone met Bear Flag Wine merrymaker, Beth Cutler, more than one hallelujahs were sung. Including an enthusiastic … Continue reading

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