Highlighting Work from 4 Amazing Artists

Altpick members Umberto Grati, Davide Bonazzi, Angela Martini, and Eddie Guy have developed clients over the years to include publishing, advertising, editorial, health, sports, and music companies. Clients recognize their professional work and seek to work with them time and again.

Illustrator Umberto Grati

As a versatile painter and illustrator, Umberto Grati collaborates with art directors on editorial projects for weekly, monthly and daily magazines. “My different styles can find solutions for every type of assignment. I work quickly and can always meet my deadlines” comments Grati.

Illustrator Davide Bonazzi

Bonazzi works as freelance illustrator for clients worldwide including major publishers, advertisers, institutions and animation studios.

Illustrator Angela Martini

Angela Martini always knew she wanted to be an artist, just not the starving kind, so she decided to be an illustrator when she grew up. So far her plan has worked out rather well.

Illustrator Eddie Guy

Born in Canada Eddie Guy received his M.F.A. with honors from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Eddie’s work can be seen across the country and internationally. His work can be seen in magazines, advertising campaigns, and book covers.

©Eddie Guy

To see more of the artists’ work, please visit Altpick.com.

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If you didn’t know by now, Joey Feldman’s latest show, titled “Incomprehensible Remoralization”, opens tomorrow in Culver City, CA (more details below). The show, which is presented in a 10,000 square ft warehouse converted into a gallery setting, will start at 10 AM and feature some of Feldman’s greatest works of art, all accompanied by live music in the afternoon (the location will be closed to the public between 1 and 4).

Hope to see you there!

Date: 10/23/21
Location: 8439 Steller Dr
Culver City, CA 90232
Time: 10:00AM – 1:00PM / 4:00PM – 7:00PM

To see more of Joey Feldman’s work, please visit his page on Altpick and his website.

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Davide Bonazzi’s “Internazionale Calendar 2021”

Every year Internazionale magazine commissions an artist to illustrate their calendar for the upcoming year. In the past, it has been illustrated by well-known artists such as Lorenzo Mattotti, Shout, Olimpia Zagnoli etc.

This year illustrator Davide Bonazzi had the honor to create a 12-month illustrated series for the magazine’s 2021 calendar.

“It’s been great to work on this project since they gave me carte blanche and I’ve been free to bring my own interpretation to each month of the year”, says Bonazzi.

“January 2021” ©Davide Bonazzi
“February 2021 Love is in the Air” ©Davide Bonazzi
“March 2021 Waiting for Springtime” ©Davide Bonazzi
“April 2021 New Adventures” ©Davide Bonazzi
“May 2021 Hanging Out in the City” ©Davide Bonazzi
“June 2021 Fly Away” ©Davide Bonazzi
“July 2021 Songs Under the Sea” ©Davide Bonazzi
“August 2021 Summer in Town” ©Davide Bonazzi
“September 2021 Last Days of Summer” ©Davide Bonazzi
“October 2021 Surfing in Autumn” ©Davide Bonazzi
“November 2021 After the Rain” ©Davide Bonazzi
“December 2021 Spread the Magic” ©Davide Bonazzi
Internazional Calendario 2021
Internazionale Calendario 2021

To see more of Davide Bonazzi’s work, please visit his page on Altpick.com.

Represented by Salzman International.

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Member Focus Round-Up: Photographer and Director George Kamper, Photographers Dorit Thies, Bob Stevens and Illustrator Richard Borge

Photographer and Director George Kamper

George’s quest for beautiful imagery allows him to work successfully in a wide range of disciplines. Inspired by diversity and gifted with the ability to bring his various experiences into focus, he excels at perceiving and extracting answers visually, satisfying a myriad of clients.

Photographer Dorit Thies

Globally recognized photographer Dorit Thies has earned a stellar reputation over the last two decades as a go-to talent for beauty, hair, fashion, wellness and portraiture clients looking for creative solutions to their most high-profile projects.

Photographer Bob Stevens

Bob is a visual storyteller, a photographer, Director and DP. Those who have worked with Bob, know that he has no shortage of ideas, and before he shares those, always wants to completely understand what his clients have in mind. Bob believes in the ratio of two ears to one mouth, and feels that they should be used in that proportion.

Illustrator Richard Borge

Richard works primarily on illustration and motion design projects of all kinds, usually from concept to finish. “One of my favorite aspects of visual communication is the conceptual process, be it selling a product or conveying the intricacies of a complex article”, comments Borge. 

To see more of the artists’ work, please visit Altpick.com.

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This Week’s Member Focus Round-Up: Ray-Mel Cornelius, Catherine Huerta and Kimberley Wiseman

This edition of Altpick.com’s blog post features the works of 3 amazing artists highlighted over this past week on the Altpick’s website.


Kimberley Wiseman freelance illustrator, artist and dog enthusiast from New York City is drawn drawn to subject matters which are unconventional, quirky and amusing. “My work is personal and often intersected with broader social concerns. I am fascinated with history and popular culture and I am drawn to broad expressive and eclectic color.  Quite often I interweave friends, personal symbols and significant places into my pieces.”

©Kimberley Wiseman


Raised on a farm outside a small town in Northeast Texas, Ray-Mel found the inspiration of wide-open spaces and its inhabitants to be the catalyst for my work. “Reflecting my interest in landscapes and the mythologies accompanying them, I begin with a dark underpainting and defines the form by applying layers of tonal values, allowing me to explore representation and abstraction while defining form.” Ray-Mel’s works are best described as his interpretations of folklore and Americana.

©Ray-Mel Cornelius

©Ray-Mel Cornelius


Huerta developed a realistic painting style for traditional paintings and digital images of nature, adventure, and sci-fi/fantasy, for young adults and adults. In 1995 Huerta moved to France, and has been working as a freelance illustrator for clients in Europe and the USA.

To see more of the artists’ work, please visit Altpick.com.

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Congratulations Altpick Members Award Winners in AOP, AI-AP, 3×3, Int’l Color Awards, Communication Arts Awards, SND 42, and Black and White Spider Awards!

Altpick.com is honored to present awards winners in AI-AP, AOP, 3×3 Professional Show, International Color Awards, and The Black and White Spider Awards competition. We would like to take this time to congratulate all of the winners! Job well done!

Kate Turning – Turning Pictures‘s images win in the International Color Awards

“Orange Juice” Wins 2nd Place in the fashion category ©Turning Pictures

“Americana – Urban SUP” wins Honorable Mention ©Turning Pictures

“What’s for Dinner” wins in advertising category ©Turning Pictures

“Gillian” wins in Portrait category ©Turning Pictures

Ivan Canu’s images win in American Illustration 40 in Book and Exhibition categories

“Vittorio De Sica”, ©Oscar winner, Italian cinema director ©Ivan Canu

“Anna Magnani”, ©Oscar winner, Italian actress ©Ivan Canu

Simon Puschmann’s “Wastelands” wins AOP Gold Award

“For my series “Wastelands”, I wanted to highlight the scope and permanence of trash produced by various metropolitan cities. By transforming garbage into an elegant exercise of composition, form and line, the disposed waste begins to create an unusual portrait of each respective place. Through each urban center’s trash, a picture begins to take shape that reflects unique consumption patterns and habits”, comments Puschmann.

“Wasteland” ©Simon Puschmann

Simon Puschmann’s “Forest Bathing with Timothy Leary. Film.” wins AOP Gold Award

“I took my trichromatic photography one step further – to film. So here comes my first trichromatic film. Shot in 3 black and white passes, each filtered red, blue and green – one after another”, comments Puschmann.

“Forest Bathing with Timothy Leary” ©Simon Puschmann

Julia Kerschbaumer’s images win in the American Illustration 40 Awards

“We are the Countervirus” campaign created to inform about the fight against COVID19 ©Julia Kerschbaumer

“Collateral Dramage” published in the Scottish whisky magazine “Whiskeria” article on Donald Trump’s self-defeating trade sanctions on Scottish whisky. ©Julia Kerschbaumer

Ellen Weinstein’s images selected for the American Illustration 40 Awards

“Reckoning” for Scientific American ©Ellen Weinstein

“Disasters” for Korean Literature Now ©Ellen Weinstein

 Mark Matcho’s image selected for American Illustration 40’s online archive.

“That curfew…is for you too!” ©Mark Matcho

Garth Glazier’s series receives an Honorable Mention in the 3×3 Professional Show 17:

“Quilted American Landscapes” ©Garth Glazier

“Quilted American Landscapes ©Garth Glazier

Eddie Guy’s images win in American Illustration 40 and Society of Newspaper Designers

“The Healers are Hurting” for Psychology Today wins in American Illustration 40

©Eddie Guy

“Will We Ever Kiss Again” wins in Society of Newspaper Designers (SND 42)- Gold for ‘Single Illustration, Silver for ‘Features Cover’ and Silver for ‘Staff Portfolio Art Direction. ©Eddie Guy

Lisa Powers“The Unknown Woman” wins in the 15th Annual Black & White Spider Awards!

“The Unknown Woman” ©Lisa Powers

Morgan Gaynin’s Illustrators win in American Illustration 40

Mark Peterman’s work was selected for American Photography 37 Annual

Mark Peterman has had work ‘selected’ for the American Photography 37 annual book coming out this fall, from his series  ‘Constructed Realities’. Mark has previously had work ‘Selected’ for the AP36 and AP28 book and work ‘Chosen’ for the AP 35 online archive. 

“Days Present Themselves” a personal project by Mark Peterman

Chris Lyons‘ image wins in 3×3 International Illustration Annual 17

“Tappan Zee” ©Chris Lyons

Luisa Jung’s chosen winner in the American Illustration Awards 40

“Crisis of Argentina’s Agricultural Sector” for Forbes Argentina ©Luisa Jung

“Times in Crisis” for Psychologie Heute ©Luisa Jung

Jon Krause’s images win in CA and American Illustration Awards 40

“Systemic Change” wins in the CA Awards ©Jon Krause

“Wildfires” wins in both CA and selected for American Illlustration 40 ©Jon Krause

Kevin Steele’s “Life on Pause” wins in APA Off The Clock

“Life on Pause” series ©Kevin Steele

Thank you for visiting!

To view more of the artists’ work, please visit Altpick.com.

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April 30th – Altpick.com Weekly Member Focus Round-Up: Kevin Steele, Kate Turning, Mike Austin and Mark Smith

It is our pleasure to feature Altpick.com members on our homepage and this past week we showcased photographers Kevin Steele, Kate Turning, illustrators Mike Austin, and Mark Smith. These artists are mainly known for their work with art directors, art buyers and creative directors at advertising agencies, publishing houses, record labels, corporation and magazines. To see more of their work, please visit Altpick.com.

Illustrator Mike Austin

Illustrator ©Mike Austin

Photographer Kevin Steele

Photographer © Kevin Steele

Photographer Kate Turning

Photographer ©Kate Turning
Photographer ©Kate Turning

Illustrator Mark Smith

Illustrator ©Mark Smith

To see more of the artists’ work, please visit Altpick.com.

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April 23 – Altpick.com Weekly Member Focus Round-Up: Alex Nabaum, Jon Krause, Alicia Buelow, Davide Bonazzi

This past week’s highlighted members included illustrators who have produced work for publishing, editorial, corporate, music, advertising projects and personal work for galleries. Art directors, art buyers and creatives have hired these artists for magazine assignments, book projects, advertising campaigns, music labels, and annual reports. We are honored to showcase their work!

Illustrator Alex Nabaum

Illustrator ©Alex Nabaum

Illustrator Jon Krause

Illustrator Jon Krause
Illustrator ©Jon Krause

Illustrator Alicia Buelow

Illustrator ©Alicia Buelow
Illustrator ©Alicia Buelow

Illustrator Davide Bonazzi

Illustrator ©Davide Bonazzi
Illustrator ©Davide Bonazzi

To see of the artists’ work, please visit Altpick.com

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April 16th – Weekly Member Focus Round-Up: Jim Cohen, Dan Bejar, Keith Barraclough and Federico Gastaldi

This week Altpick is celebrating the works of Photographer Keith Barraclough and Illustrators Jim Cohen, Dan Bejar and Federico Gastaldi. Art Directors, Art Buyers and Creative Directors hire these talented artists for many different types of projects including editorial assignments, advertising campaigns, publishing, corporate and many more. Their professional experience and talent has made them highly sought-after artists. To see more of their work, please visit Altpick.com.

Photographer Keith Barraclough

Illustrator Jim Cohen

Photographer © Jim Cohen

Illustrator Dan Bejar

Illustrator ©Dan Bejar
Illustrator ©Dan Bejar

Illustrator Federico Gastaldi

Illustrator ©Federico Gastaldi
Illustrator ©Federico Gastaldi

To see more of the artists’ work, please visit Altpick.com

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April 9th Week in Review: Lee Page, Greg Whitaker, Arlen Schumer, John Kuczala

This past week Altpick’s homepage featured Photographers Lee Page, Greg Whitaker and John Kuczala and Illustrator Arlen Schumer. We are honored to have these talented artists as members on Altpick.com.

Photographer Lee Page

Native New Yorker Lee Page has been working in fashion and advertising photography since the 90’s. “I started at age 8 by taking candid shoots of my brother and sisters with the Instamatic camera my father gave me. I guess I never stopped.”

Photographer ©Lee Page
Photographer ©Lee Page

Photographer Greg Whitaker

Greg Whitaker is a nationally recognized photographer based in Southern Indiana. His portfolio includes award-winning imagery for advertising, healthcare, manufacturing & energy resources, global non-profits and publishers.

Photographer ©Greg Whitaker
Photographer ©Greg Whitaker

Illustrator Arlen Schumer

Arlen Schumer has been creating award-winning comic book-styled illustrations for the advertising and editorial markets for over 25 years, and is one of the foremost historians of comic book art.

Illustrator ©Arlen Schumer
Illustrator ©Arlen Schumer

Photographer John Kuczala

John Kuczala is a photographer specializing in conceptual still life, photo-illustration and product photography. 

Photographer ©John Kuczala

To see more of the artists’ work, please visit their member pages on Altpick.com.

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