Simon Puschmann Captures the Life of Big Cities After Dark

“Shanghai” Photographer ©Simon Puschmann

When the sun goes down, that’s when the big cities really come to life. This was recently proved by photographer Simon Puschmann, who shared a number of stunning shots showcasing the nightly ambiance of metropolises such as Dubai, Melbourne, Shanghai, and San Fransisco (the latter being captured in beautiful twilight). If this is what we have to settle with while actual travel is restricted, then we’re not going to complain!

“Shanghai” Photographer ©Simon Puschmann

“Shanghai” Photographer ©Simon Puschmann

“Melbourne” Photographer ©Simon Puschmann

“Dubai” Photographer ©Simon Puschmann

“Shanghai” Photographer ©Simon Puschmann

“Shanghai” Photographer ©Simon Puschmann

“San Francisco” ©Simon Puschmann

“San Francisco” Photographer ©Simon Puschmann

To see more of Simon Puschmann’s work, please visit his website and his page on

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Barraclough Captures the Beautiful Maine Coast

Photographer ©Keith Barraclough “Crescent Beach Maine”

It’s possible you know Keith Barraclough for his unrivaled talent in taking portraits (the famous The RedHead Project being only one of many incredible portrait series). Keith’s captivating landscape photos are just as impressive.

Landscape of Peaks Island

Lately, Keith has been sharing a number of gorgeous views of the Atlantic Ocean from the shores of Maine, including several panoramic shots of the cold, autumn landscape. Also featured in the photos are Keith’s lovely wife, Kate, and their dog, Kuma. If you need any more reasons to pay Maine a visit, more captivating photos can be found on Keith’s official Instagram here.

Photographer ©Keith Barraclough “Landscape of Peaks Island”

Photographer ©Keith Barraclough “Panoramic of the Atlantic Ocean from Crescent Beach”

Photographer ©Keith Barraclough “Panoramic of rock at Crescent Beach”

Photographer ©Keith Barraclough “Cooks Lobster Shack on Bailey’s Island”

Panoramic of Kuma on the path of Crescent Beach Park

To see more of Keith Barraclough’s amazing photography, please visit his website and Altpick page.

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“BOO!” Greetings from Altpick Members Halloween 2020

Halloween this year is certainly going to be different. Will it be a Trick or a Treat?!  Are kids going to be able to go door to door to collect their treats or will it be a bit tricky (hehe)?  Either way, let’s not let a Halloween go by without having some fun!  Here are some Halloween images from members.  Remember…Eat, drink, and be scary!!  Happy Halloween!

“Wolfman” Illustrator ©Arlen Schumer

“”October is Here” Illustrator ©Andreas von Buddenbrock

“Mask” Photographer ©Kevin Steele

“Dia de los Muertos” Photographer ©Kate Turning

“Harvest Corn” Photographer ©Studio Caswell

“Girls in Black” Photographer ©Irene Pena

Photographer ©Bob Stevens

Photographer ©Bob Stevens

“…People Without Masks” Illustrator ©Julia Kerschbaumer

Illustrator: ©Ilana Griffo          Illustrator: ©Jenni Catullo

“Dia de los Muertos” Photographer ©Kate Turning

“The Dr. Is In!” Photographer ©George Kamper


Photographer ©George Kamper

Halloween Image Slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To see more of the artists’ work, please visit

Happy Halloween!

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Celebrating the Work of This Week’s Featured Members

This week we celebrate the work of 4 amazing artists whose art has appeared in publishing, advertising, editorial, and corporate projects.  The artists’ vision focuses on beauty, inspiration, style, and the impact of social issues.  Their strengths center around a strong artistic style,  professional creative collaboration, and an understanding of creative solutions.

Illustrator Rudy Gutierrez

Illustrator ©Rudy Gutierrez

Illustrator ©Rudy Gutierrez

Best known for his children’s books and album covers, Rudy Gutierrez also shows his talented style in editorial and advertising.  Recently Rudy’s work is a part of “The Unity Project”, an art and civics initiative of the Norman Rockwell Museum.


Illustrator Lynne St Clare (Foster)

Illustrator ©Lynne St Clare Foster

Illustrator ©Lynne St Clare (Foster)

Artist Lynne St Clare (Foster) focuses on conceptual portraits where idea and form converge.  Lynne’s goal is to translate raw emotion into a visual image, to enlighten, amuse, and sometimes disturb.

Illustrator Urs J Knobel

Illustrator ©Urs J Knobel

Multi-talented artist Urs J Knobel can easily transition from his more personal work of watercolors to his black & white and colorful caricature style for any publishing, editorial or corporate project.  Urs expresses humor and social justice through his insightful work.

Illustrator Jeff Mulawka

Illustrator ©Jeff Mulawka

Illustrator ©Jeff Mulawka

Inspirational elements from fashion, music, lifestyle, and interior design influence Jeff Mulawka‘s style to create chic and ultra-modern illustrations.  Jeff composes his pieces digitally while also incorporating traditional elements of painting, collage, negative relief, and sgraffito to produce innovative and refined art.

To see more of the artists’ work, please visit

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Member Focus Weekly Round-Up

This past week featured work by illustrators Giovannina Colalillo,  Anthony Foronda,  Chris Lyons, and Aaron Meshon. Their work highlights professionalism and style perfect for any editorial, publishing, advertising, or corporate assignment.  Art directors will find the artists’ ease and grasp of the project an asset in finding the perfect solution for any project!  Check out more of their work on

Illustrator Anthony Foronda

Illustrator ©Anthony Foronda

Illustrator Giovannina Colalillo

Illustrator ©Giovannina

Illustrator ©Chris Lyons

Illustrator ©Chris Lyons

Illustrator ©Aaron Meshon

Illustrator ©Aaron Meshon

To see more of the artists’ work, please visit

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The Ink Trail Shares “The Last of Us” Time-Lapse Drawing

Joel Miller Illustrated by Andreas von Buddenbrock

Earlier this month, Andreas “The Ink Trail” von Buddenbrock was happy to share one of his latest time-lapse videos, featuring a tribute portrait of video game character Joel Miller.

Joel is one of the main characters of the popular “The Last of Us” franchise and has been the topic of many discussions since the release of the latest game in the series. According to Andreas, the portrait was made using pencil and ink pens (Micron and Zebra ink) during a few drawing sessions broadcasted on Instagram Live.

To see more of Andreas von Buddenbrock’s work, please visit his page on and his website.

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Sergio Baradat Designs UN World Heritage Stamps

The United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA) issued 6 postage stamps on 11 September 2020, featuring World Heritage sites in the Russian Federation.

The stamps feature Lake Baikal; Kremlin and Red Square, Moscow; Historic Complex of the Kazan Kremlin; Saint Petersburg; Novodevichy Convent and Kizhi Pogost.

Three beautifully designed prestige booklets in English, French, and German accompany the stamp series. The booklets feature colorful photographs and detailed information about these World Heritage sites.

For many years, UNPA has highlighted World Heritage sites recognized by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), which seeks to encourage the identification, protection, and preservation of cultural and natural heritage around the world in recognition of their outstanding value to humanity.

This is embodied in an international treaty called the Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, adopted by UNESCO in 1972.

The stamps and prestige booklets were designed by Sergio Baradat (United Nations).

The World Heritage stamp series is one of Mr. Baradat’s favorite projects to work on. For this year’s series, Baradat said he was “inspired by the rich history and juxtaposition of styles and design motifs throughout Russia’s history.”

“From the images of St. Petersburg to Lake Baikal to the Historic Complex of the Kazan Kremlin, each one is beautiful, filled with amazing details and historical facts,” he said.

When designing the stamps, his intent was to showcase the sites elegantly and clearly, while bringing recognition and preservation to these historic places.

To purchase these stamps, as well as other UNPA products, please visit You can also email UNPA at or call 1-800-234-UNPA (8672).

To see more of Sergio Baradat’s design and illustration work, please visit his website and page on

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Altpick Week in Review: Ellen Weinstein, Julia Kerschbaumer, Lee Page and Daria Kirpach

Altpick’s Member Focus continues with a review of this past week’s artists highlights, which includes Photographer Lee Page and Illustrators Ellen Weinstein, Julia Kerschbaumer and Daria Kirpach.

Illustrator Ellen Weinstein

Illustrator Julia Kerschbaumer

Illustrator Daria Kirpach


Photographer Lee Page is designed to help you. You are an art director, art buyer, photo editor, or creative director looking for talent to shoot, illustrate, or animate a project. You are an artist looking to promote to this crucial art buying base. consistently reaches the decision-makers in the industry that are cutting edge, dynamic, and open to new ideas. Our hand-selected artist members represent the freshest and most professional talents in the creative community.  To see more of the above artists’ work, please visit


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Altpick Week in Review::Illustrator Gregory Nelson, Photographers Kevin Steele, Irene Pena and Jay Watson

Altpick’s Member Focus continues with a review of this past week’s artists highlights, which include Photographers Jay Watson, Irene Pena, Kevin Steele, and Illustrator Gregory Nelson.

Illustrator Gregory Nelson

Illustrator ©Gregory Nelson

Gregory Nelson has been in the business for over 20 years and is an experienced illustrator for magazines, greeting cards, and editorial assignments.

Photographer Kevin Steele

Photographer ©Kevin Steele

It’s all about feeling for photographer Kevin Steele.  “Creating an emotional connection in images that range from quiet and still to explosively dynamic”, Steele comments. “I love shooting people with a zest for life.”

Photographer Irene Pena 

Photographer ©Irene Pena

Costa Rican Photographer Irene Pena, creates fashion, portrait, lifestyle, and fine art images.  She works on projects with local artists and fashion designers creating dynamic images in motion.  All done in-camera.

Photographer Jay Watson

Photographer ©Jay Watson

San Franciso editorial and lifestyle photographer Jay Watson shoots advertising, entertainment, apparel, corporate, sports and automobile assignments.  His beautiful red Chevy Camaro above was shot at night capturing the perfect lighting.

This was just a small sampling of the artists’ work.  Please visit for more of their amazing imagery.

Art Directors, creative directors, designers, and industry creative buyers can easily find solutions for all types of their creative needs right here on!





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Altpick’s Week in Review

Altpick’s Week in Review features 4 talented members:  award-winning illustrators Mark Smith and Mirko Cresta, designer Kurt Ketchum and photographer Dorit Thies.  Each of the members’ portfolio showcases a sample of their best work, recent news, and their latest assignments.  Art Directors, creative directors, and creatives in the industry hire these talented artists to answer their needs in advertising, editorial, publishing, music, and corporate.  Be sure to visit for more of their work!

Photographer Dorit Thies  

Globally recognized photographer Dorit Thies has earned a stellar reputation over the last two decades as a go-to talent for beauty, hair, health, wellness and lifestyle clients looking for creative solutions to their most high-profile projects.

Photographer ©Dorit Thies

Illustrator Mirko Cresta

Mirko Cresta has found over time that his style has been enriched with relistic details and vibrant colors with renouncing cleanliness and compositional synthesis.  Mirko illustrates sensitive, social, political and topical issues  without being didactic or too empathetic.

Illustrator ©Mirko Cresta

Designer Kurt Ketchum

Kurt Ketchum loves working with creating images, color, texture, typography, photography, design, drawing, and all aspects of the arts.  Ketchum has a knack for finding creative solutions for all types of projects in advertising, corporate, editorial, publishing, and music industries.

Designer ©Kurt Ketchum

Illustrator Mark Smith

Mark Smith’s work has been featured in magazines, newspapers, books, and advertising campaigns around the world for high profile clients such as ESPN, Rolling Stone, Penguin Books, New York Times and many more.

Illustrator ©Mark Smith

Be sure to visit for more of the artists’ work!

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