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Vialli Illustrates Raymond Chandler’s “Farewell, My Lovely”

Philip Marlowe may be writer Raymond Chandler’s most prominent private eye, but another important, yet often overlooked hero (or heroine in this case), is his outstanding female character, Anne Riordan. The two of them showed up together in the novel … Continue reading

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Sarah Coleman In Her Own Words :: “My Pear”

Artist Sarah Coleman arrived at  full-time career in illustration and typography via the bizarre and magical worlds of pirate radio, lecturing, youth work, theatre and typesetting obituaries. Creating words and pictures for an international client base, Sarah has had 12 … Continue reading

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Oltretorrente Wine Works with Italian Duo

Lorenzo Gritti has been working together with Nina Cuneo, one of his colleagues at  Studio Armad’illo,  to completely re-design the label for the exclusive Oltretorrente wine brand.  The company gave a chance to to the dynamic duo to collaborate on the new … Continue reading

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Saturday : : An Italian Ramble

by Carol Schultheiss Cavalini You’re thinking; a walk in the countryside, a picnic with cows in the background. Ha! Not quite. But perhaps your romantic imaginings are not too far off. This is Italy and as Fellini indicated, life can … Continue reading

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Verona Italy: A Cornucopia of Culture

Verona, the original, home of Romeo and Juliet, is a relatively small city. Notwithstanding this, it’s gusto for culture is big and global. The mix runs from traditional to cutting edge, frequently hand in hand. A September weekend is a … Continue reading

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