Altpick’s Week in Review

Altpick’s Week in Review features 4 talented members:  award-winning illustrators Mark Smith and Mirko Cresta, designer Kurt Ketchum and photographer Dorit Thies.  Each of the members’ portfolio showcases a sample of their best work, recent news, and their latest assignments.  Art Directors, creative directors, and creatives in the industry hire these talented artists to answer their needs in advertising, editorial, publishing, music, and corporate.  Be sure to visit for more of their work!

Photographer Dorit Thies  

Globally recognized photographer Dorit Thies has earned a stellar reputation over the last two decades as a go-to talent for beauty, hair, health, wellness and lifestyle clients looking for creative solutions to their most high-profile projects.

Photographer ©Dorit Thies

Illustrator Mirko Cresta

Mirko Cresta has found over time that his style has been enriched with relistic details and vibrant colors with renouncing cleanliness and compositional synthesis.  Mirko illustrates sensitive, social, political and topical issues  without being didactic or too empathetic.

Illustrator ©Mirko Cresta

Designer Kurt Ketchum

Kurt Ketchum loves working with creating images, color, texture, typography, photography, design, drawing, and all aspects of the arts.  Ketchum has a knack for finding creative solutions for all types of projects in advertising, corporate, editorial, publishing, and music industries.

Designer ©Kurt Ketchum

Illustrator Mark Smith

Mark Smith’s work has been featured in magazines, newspapers, books, and advertising campaigns around the world for high profile clients such as ESPN, Rolling Stone, Penguin Books, New York Times and many more.

Illustrator ©Mark Smith

Be sure to visit for more of the artists’ work!

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