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Dahl Taylor :: Samuel Adams Redesigned Packaging

We would like to highlight a fantastic collaboration between Boston Beer and Dahl Taylor (represented by Mendola Artists).  Boston Beer has produced a limited edition Samuel Adams IPA Hop-logy variety pack containing an assortment of beers adorned with labels illustrated … Continue reading

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Zave Smith : : Of Life, Love and the Stuff In Between

Midwest born and trained, exuberant photographer Zave Smith has told some short and tall tales behind the lens. This is but a short snapshot of his many passionate stories. Once upon a time … The summer heat has melted the … Continue reading

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Secret to Success :: Words of Wisdom

by Ralph Mennemeyer In my opinion the secret to success for photographers and/or artists, boils down to a couple of key things – not the least of which is timing – aka “dumb luck”. It is a promo card that … Continue reading

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Saturday : : An Italian Ramble

by Carol Schultheiss Cavalini You’re thinking; a walk in the countryside, a picnic with cows in the background. Ha! Not quite. But perhaps your romantic imaginings are not too far off. This is Italy and as Fellini indicated, life can … Continue reading

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Chris Nixon’s Imagination Migration

Imagination Migration is a mural created by Chris Nixon in Karratha 2011 – this video documents the installation process. Set to a marine theme the work explores the migratory patterns of the Pilbara’s marine life, ignited by a central character … Continue reading

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Art Fears Business Fears Art

Blog post by Scott Hull Many times I find it hard to put into words what, exactly, it is I do. One of my favorite thinkers Seth Godin truly understands creativity and business. He recently shared these thoughts on the relationship between … Continue reading

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Kent Miller Explores Through the Lens

After moving to NYC in the latter part of 1989, Kent Miller found the energy of the city more powerful than he could have ever expected.  Kent was in his early 20’s and was doing a little soul-searching as many … Continue reading

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Duggal + Cartier + Americana Mall

This month Duggal covered the façade of Cartier’s storefront at the Americana Mall in Manhasset, NY. The façade was 42 feet wide by 29 feet high and was wrapped with a flex banner, which stretched a solid 76 feet around the right side of the … Continue reading

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Tansy Myer :: Girl Power

Born and raised in Venice, California, Tansy Myer came of age among the eclectic artist community of the Venice Boardwalk.  Inspired by the indulgent worlds of music and fashion, she began drawing her girls at a young age as a … Continue reading

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