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Jesse Rieser’s New Series :: The Wallow Fire

Jesse Rieser formally announced his latest series, The Wallow Fire. Excerpt from Jesse’s blog: In Eastern Arizona, near the border with New Mexico, is a land of dirt roads stretching out to white-washed horizons. Here, ranches are carved out of … Continue reading

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Behind the Animation Scene with Richard Borge

by Richard Borge I needed something to push me along to create a quick animation and was just the thing. They have a monthly competition that requires only that you make an animation that loops… can be short or long, just … Continue reading

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Direct, Honest and Real :: Chris Sembrot

Back in 2008 when Altpick asked photographer Chris Sembrot how he would describe his photography style, Chris said direct, honest and real.  Four years later, his body of work has grown with a deeper, richer emotional side and a bit … Continue reading

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Bob Packert’s Unexpected Twists

Bob Packert’s passion for photography began while achieving a BA in Fine Art and Graphic Design.  As a fashion and lifestyle photographer and director, his creativity takes the concept through to a contemporary style that solidifies any story line. Working … Continue reading

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SMAY Design:: Weird Mojo

Designer, artist and founder of SMAY Design, Phil Yarnall, knew from the first time he listened to the Clash’s London Calling that he wanted to design album covers.  Twenty or so years later his designs range from The Velvet Underground … Continue reading

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Zave Smith Captures the inTangibles

“Sometimes I feel that I do my best work when I don’t give a damn.” The reason, perhaps, why he gets assignments with these types of direction “Come down to Mardi Gras for a week and see what happens.” Exuberant … Continue reading

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The Incredible Power in a Moment

Edward Gajdel is considered by many to be Canada’s preeminent portrait photographer.  His portfolio spans 35 years and includes icons in the worlds of politics, business and entertainment.  His work has been published in scores of prestigious photography journals and … Continue reading

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The 20th Anniversary Edition :: The Alternative Pick Deck

Celebrating it’s 20th Anniversary, The Alternative Pick proudly presents the 4th edition of the Altpick Deck.  Created specifically for the Creative Buyer, this promotional marketing tool is a favorite for locating the finest commercial illustrators, photographers, and designers in our … Continue reading

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