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Brian Cummings’ Fairy Fatales : : Unhappily Ever After

Imagine that the sweet, beautiful, angelic protagonist of your favorite childhood fairy tale were actually a dangerous seductress, capable of heinous, deceitful acts and unforgivable cruelty towards fictional talking animals in pants and crowns. Need some help? Leave it to … Continue reading

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Jeff Hester : : Of Wine, Spirits, Food and Music

Multi-talented designer, Jeff Hester, specializes in packaging for the wine, spirits, luxury food, and music industries.  In addition, he is also an illustrator and works magic with typography.  Altpick Connects had the pleasure of talking with Jeff about one of his … Continue reading

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Artist Hugh Syme : : 36-Year Collaboration : : What A Rush

Our artist Hugh Syme recently completed a fantastic collaboration with Canadian rock band, Rush. Hugh is responsible for the cover art on their newest (and nineteenth!) album, Clockwork Angels (2012), as well as the images inside the album’s accompanying novel, and the cover … Continue reading

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Zave Smith’s “Kelica”

Voices In My Head                                                                         … Continue reading

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Kevin Steele :: Sheds Some Light

Early on photography was Kevin Steele’s tool for documenting the world of rock and ice climbing.   He was passionate about sharing those adventures and shedding light on the experiences that words alone could not do justice. For Kevin it’s … Continue reading

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