Kent Miller Explores Through the Lens

After moving to NYC in the latter part of 1989, Kent Miller found the energy of the city more powerful than he could have ever expected.  Kent was in his early 20’s and was doing a little soul-searching as many of us do in our youth. He borrowed a camera and began to preserve his visions on film. “It was a way to remember where I had been and what I had done and seen.”, Kent comments. “Photography changed the way I think, move and act.”

Kent had no idea it would change his life and its direction. “I was never a good student in school and realized that if I wanted to learn something, I needed to do it with my own hands.”  Kent was determined to immerse himself in photography and find out what would really work for him. “I love to experiment, to try new things. Being a gear-head and loving the toys of photography has given me more options for how I make images than I thought possible. As technology grows, there are more and more reasons to love what I do.”

For Kent, using photography to preserve the present is a way to see the future. “It’s about the way an interaction with a subject can take us in directions we could never plan. It’s about being open enough to let things flow and brave enough to follow it. Ultimately, it’s about pushing myself to find that creative spark hiding under the surface.”

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“I think moving to NYC brought me into a world of expression I had never known and I love it more every day. I’m still amazed at my ability and grateful to be a part of it.  The images photographers capture change the world. They open our eyes; they provoke emotions; they inspire movements. I’m in love with this medium.”

Kent Miller is part of the 20th Anniversary Alternative Pick :: Deck Edition. To see more of Kent’s work go to his website and Altpick page.

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