A Bear Who Loves Art

Image courtesy of Eduardo Bertone

We get excited when two of our loves connect and make beautiful. Art and wine. What’s not to love?

When Altpick member, Eduardo Bertone met Bear Flag Wine merrymaker, Beth Cutler, more than one hallelujahs were sung. Including an enthusiastic and rather off-key rendition from us. Besides the inevitable dazzling results, we want to know the creative intersections between making art and making wine. With Beth, it’s bottling art which Eduardo so intuitively wraps around the bottle.

Time for a taste test.

On the Why

“I wanted to make wines that my friends and I would want to drink every night.” – Beth

“This interaction with spectators is the AIM of my art; it’s a way I found to connect with the rest of the world.” – Eduardo

Why? Because this is something essential. Deeply personal and share-worthy.

On the Meet

“Bear Flag’s winemaker loves art … the respect and freedom that Bear Flag has given me made me realize this was a perfect project for me.” – Eduardo

“When I saw Eduardo’s work, it spoke to me and felt like a perfect visual match to Bear Flag’s quirky, non-traditional blends.” – Beth

Chemistry. Something that happens when two just-rights meet. It’s palpable. Can’t hide it. Visible for all to see.

Image courtsey of Eduardo Bertone

On the Creative

“I view the winemaking process as a creative one, using grapes like an artist uses paints. When creating either, you are trying to bring different elements together to form something that is cohesive and better than its individual parts.” – Beth

“It’s always transmitting sensations, ideas, concepts… make people think, awaken their concerns and transmit your personal point of view.” – Eduardo

The tools may be different but the core of the creative birth is similar. From the seed of an idea comes the artist’s interpretation of it infused with layers upon layers of their rich experiences and personal stories. As Beth said so wonderfully, “in the end, you want both the wine and the label to tell your story.”

On the Concept

“The great thing about this project was that the idea for the label was closely related to my style of art. Bear Flag is an untraditional concept. This helped my art translate and connect with the wine. The label encompasses these elements: spontaneous, chaotic and dynamic, and gives it an authentic and special touch.” – Eduardo

“He was able to bring to life the ideas and stories that I had for the labels in a way greater than I ever could have imagined. The labels are beautiful and irreverent and convey the fact that we are here to have a good time and wine doesn’t have to be taken too seriously.” – Beth

What happens when something is beautifully reflected … inside and out, Beth? “I hope to make Bear Flag’s art on the bottle reflect the art in the bottle!” Exactly.

Image courtsey by Eduardo Bertone

Of Wine and Art

“…the blending is all about the artistry, how different grapes come together. For me, art is all about evoking an emotion: a summer backyard party with your friends, great food and drink, music in the background; that feeling of home and happiness and realizing this is the greatest time of your life.” – Beth

“The art of creating wine is directly related with painting. Painting and winemaking are both about flavor, colors, style, sense, places, atmospheres, experiences and textures.” – Eduardo

The Test (Altpick did our own taste test)

A taste: “Bear Flag Bright White is beautifully crisp and zesty; summertime refreshing that plays nicely with citrusy fruits while teasing peaches and melons. The delicious taste along with the delightful illustrations gave the taste test a full body experience!” – Maria
 Chelsea Wine Country in NYC (http://chelseawinecountry.com) carries a nice selection of Bear Flag Wine whites and reds.

Bear Flag Wine Label by Eduardo Bertone

A view: Bertone’s illustrations for the wine labels are pure eye candy; a magical world that keeps revealing one surreal surprise after another as colors burst in enigmatic abandon. Look once. Twice. And keep looking. You’re not done.

Art and wine. To fully appreciate, engage all senses. In the bottle or out, the creativity pours forth. It is art you can taste. How delicious.

The Artist Eduardo Bertone click here website.

The Artist Rep: Anna Goodson click here website and altpick page.

The Winemaker: Bear Flag Wine click here.

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4 Responses to A Bear Who Loves Art

  1. dp says:

    Isn’t bear flag just another brand by Gallo (giant multi-national wine company) crafted to look small and boutique-y so that it appeals to the up and coming millennial wine consumer?

    hard to get excited about wines made in a factory with a contrived brand to wrap it up.

    just sayin


    • I truly enjoyed the glass of Bear Flag I had last night. For me personally it doesn’t matter who bottles it. Gallo wine has been around for generations with a very rich history. I like that. It’s not that easy to convince a ‘giant multi-national wine company’ to use an amazing illustration on their label regardless who they are trying to appeal to. Usually wine labels are bland and a little boring.


    • illdthedj says:

      the winemaker IS a millennial, and the brand/wine-blends were created by her. It was her choice to have the labels made the way they look the way they look. bear flag isn’t some fabrication of a corporation to exploit culture, its a wine brand actually created from the ground up by someone our age (that is if you are a “millennial”), gallo is simply a means to distribute it nationally, and the fact that people all over america can enjoy bear flag is kind of amazing, because otherwise it would have never gotten the chance to go into stores and on shelves. No need to get all conspiracy theorist….and no im not a shill, i just know the winemaker, and she is a pretty awesome person :)d


  2. illdthedj says:

    i love bear flag!


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