Man and Ball – The Old Fashion Game

The god has risen. He is not happy. What have the mortals done to his beloved Game?

Let Sleeping Gods Lie is the inaugural issue of Man and Ball soccer magazine, a digital UK publication.  Its writers – nay, firestarters – have a sense of humor and knowledge of the sport that will get them into trouble – but they will at least get your attention. Addiction has a new face.

Altpick Member Gant Powell has been selected to be one of two illustrators, bringing the interesting, unique articles to big bold life.  His decidedly tongue-in-cheek interpretation of the writers’ stories has found a target for a round or two of wit and word.  With titles including “On the Pleasure of Hating Jack Wilshere”, “Arsenal’s African Attraction” and “Englishman’s Guide to the Cop Ameria”, it’s a cup of life toast to what is arguably the world’s most beloved sport.

Of course, with a blog named “GantPants“, it all makes sense.

Check out Man and Ball here, where Issue One can be downloaded FREE, and Issue Two: Living On Both Sides Of The Game, is hot off the press and available for only £1.95.  They need money for new underwear you know, these lowly writer types.

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  1. jellery1 says:

    All issues are now FREE.


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