Behind the Animation Scene with Richard Borge

by Richard Borge

I needed something to push me along to create a quick animation and was just the thing. They have a monthly competition that requires only that you make an animation that loops… can be short or long, just so long as the first frame and last frame are the same.  The model of the ROOSTER was made some time ago, and I’ve always wanted to animate it. Here is the result of a mad dash to make their deadline, completing it in just a few days. My trusty intern, Maia Lemonedes was a huge help, and of course a big thanks to Rhys (neighbor’s son) for his acting skills.  This is a rough cut, and I’ll likely be making some changes to it later on. I’d also like to come up with a series of animations for this character.

Video of Richard’s animation process :

To see the final animation video, click here:video

To see more of Richard Borge’s work go to his website and Altpick page.

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2 Responses to Behind the Animation Scene with Richard Borge

  1. Carol Cavallini says:

    I Loved It!


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