Direct, Honest and Real :: Chris Sembrot

Copyright Chris Sembrot

Back in 2008 when Altpick asked photographer Chris Sembrot how he would describe his photography style, Chris said direct, honest and real.  Four years later, his body of work has grown with a deeper, richer emotional side and a bit more finesse.

Copyright Chris Sembrot

Directly out of college, Chris decided that the best way to learn about the business of commercial photography would be to take a shot at working for an ad agency. And for 5 years he did just that – working as the agency producer and art buyer.

Copyright Chris Sembrot

Chris always surrounds himself with professionals that help him produce and deliver on a commercial level. Working as a team and collaborating is what he does best. Not only does Chris love shooting stills, he is also shoots video.  Check out this video of Shepard Fairey.  

On a personal side, he loves to cook and spend as much time as possible with family. He was able to organized and cook for his fiance’s 30th surprise party and 50 guests. It took 6 months to plan and included Chris making everything from homemade pickles to the birthday cake. Each and every item on the menu was made from scratch.

Chris Sembrot is part of the 20th Anniversary Alternative Pick :: Deck Edition.  To see more of Chris’ work go to his website and his Altpick page.

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