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Honest, Raw Punk Rock Images for Baltimore City Paper

by Daniel Fishel When I left high school, all I drew was punk rockers. It’s funny that seven years later, I would get asked to draw one for Joe over at Baltimore City Paper. Joe was kind enough to let … Continue reading

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Landry Major Shoots the I Ride I Recycle Ad Campaign

Landry Major shot legendary skateboarder Mike Vallely for the “I Ride I Recycle Ad Campaign, An Art of Board Movement”.  The national grassroots skate deck recycling movement main mission is to protect the environment by keeping broken skateboard decks and … Continue reading

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ICON7 :: A Personal Recap

ICON7 in Providence, Rhode Island started out with a blast!  RISD’s New Orlean’s style band came out  with some great sounds to kick off the conference. I met up with my good friend Julie Lieberman from SCAD and Marshall Arisman … Continue reading

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Lennette Newell : : Animal Purrfection

Back in 2006 interviewed photographer and animal lover, Lennette Newell, about how she grew up surrounded by animals and how she got her start in photography, including some of her early challenges. Six years later it’s time to learn … Continue reading

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Hill Holliday’s Rebranding ‘Sweat the Small Stuff and Big Stuff Happens’

Agencies are brands, too. Really. So Hill Holliday took a good hard look at the people, the hallways, the coffee mugs and business cards. Basically every touch point of our brand. And they gave them a makeover. More like an extreme makeover. With … Continue reading

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Zave Smith’s “Serving New Dishes”

  By Zave Smith Often our best work is produced in between. Suddenly we have a moment. Suddenly we have a bit of space between our client’s projects. A model calls wanting to shoot, a book read on an airplane … Continue reading

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ICON7 – Program Highlights

As ICON7 approaches I’m pretty excited to see some of these workshops taking place during the conference.  Here are some of the highlights (to see the full program click here): Wednesday, June 13th                                                                                                                      The RISD Experience : “Colors, Contrast + … Continue reading

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