Hill Holliday’s Rebranding ‘Sweat the Small Stuff and Big Stuff Happens’

  • Agencies are brands, too.
  • So Hill Holliday took a good hard look at the people, the hallways, the coffee mugs and business cards. Basically every touch point of our brand.

    And they gave them a makeover. More like an extreme makeover. With a new look, tone and personality that’s confident. Contemporary. And even some things that don’t begin with the letter “c.”

  • Wherever Hill Holliday’s employees go — to the mailroom, the coffeemaker, even the bar around the corner, it’s a branding opportunity. So they created a whole bunch of things – from stationery and thumb drives to notebooks and Chuck Taylors – that our employees would not only covet, but share and show off.
  • And that’s just what happened.
  • Check more from Hill Holliday on their website.
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