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Glen Wexler’s Improbable Realities – August 4th

This presentation will examine the concepts and wit behind Wexler’s altered or manufactured realities, and emphasize the creative problem solving behind the realization of his images. From the use of elaborate set fabrications, to the creative and practical decisions behind … Continue reading

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Wednesday : Tip Jar

You’re an icon. An avatar. A profile. You have representation. But are you well-represented? It may be time to take another look at your icon. And ask yourself: is it the best me out there? In this great big cyber … Continue reading

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Milton Glaser On the Fear of Failure

“Fear of failure,” here Glaser pauses, “… is a phrase that requires a little thought.” Are professionalism and personal development intrinsically tied? Glaser’s professionalism is to have something that no one else has for that is how you make money … Continue reading

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Inspiration Friday : Missy’s Story by Bill Frakes

Photographer Bill Frakes follows Missy Koch Billingsley over a 25 year period through her leg amputation due to cancer to her current life in Italy with her husband and three children. See more of Bill Frakes’ work here.

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Ready. Set. Launch.

Say hello to the Altpick Library on A great place to add books, magazines or merchandise that you’ve published or want to recommend. Just email us your link and thumbnail and we’ll post it for you. We’ll be … Continue reading

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Craig LaRotonda’s Exhibit at Last Rites Gallery in NYC

Craig LaRotonda’s exhibition of new paintings opens at Last Rites Gallery in New York City this month. Opening Reception: July 22nd , 7pm-11pm Last Rites Gallery unveils it’s newly renovated space with opening receptions for two highly acclaimed artists, Chet … Continue reading

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Sunday Evening. What Are The Neighbors Doing?

Long nights of filming, man-made rain and screaming police with guns drawn. A typical Sunday evening. For Jeffrey Lamont Brown. Tallgrass Pictures LLC announces the release of the teaser for Sunday Evening, a feature film adapted from a successful European stage … Continue reading

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Wednesday : Tip Jar

A lion’s share. You want yours. And rightfully so. Because we know you’re ahead of the curve. You were the first one to the Facebook and Twitter starting gates. You were first in line when The Social Network was released. … Continue reading

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Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Aaron Meshon does not wear a cardigan. He does not smoke a pipe. He does, however, create a witty little peek-a-boo app at the Apple store for young children (and the not so young) that features wacky noises and sounds … Continue reading

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Fishing in the Big Pond: From Regional to [Inter]National

Louisa Curtis has chops. Her credentials come from years in the commercial photography industry. She now helps photographers refine their vision, target appropriate audiences and create/implement Internet-driven business plans. A question she has been asked and is imminently qualified to … Continue reading

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