Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Aaron Meshon does not wear a cardigan. He does not smoke a pipe. He does, however, create a witty little peek-a-boo app at the Apple store for young children (and the not so young) that features wacky noises and sounds populated by over 80 lovable characters. Yes, we said 80+.

This is the first release from POP and PALS . The enchanting game works on all iOS devices. Available now.

An award-winning illustrator with a kinetic color-rich style, we don’t know who are more excited: fans of Meshon’s art or their 3-year-olds.

From one super tall skyscraper, eavesdrop on what my neighbors are saying:

“We always had to swim so far to make copies, but now that Mr. Copier lives upstairs we don’t have to travel far at all! ” – The Harbor Seals

“The waterfall that lives next to me has done wonders for my complexion.” – Mrs. Bug Zapper

“It is so hard to do homework when you have a harmonica living next door.” – Penquin Jr.

“I would like to bring attention to the management company that my upstairs neighbor, Mr Soft Serve has been melting all over my burrow.” – Mrs. Groundhog

“We love our morning view from the penthouse!” – Toast and Toaster

“The subway is crowded but it makes it easy to get to school.” – School of Fish

Join the neighborhood here.

* Category: Games
* Released: Jun 24, 2011
* Version: 1.0
* 1.0
* Size: 14.0 MB
* Language: English
* Seller: aaron meshon
* © 2011 Aaron Meshon

Rated 4+

And that squeal you hear? It’s from the seals. That’s right.

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