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Dreaming of the Future: Memories of Milton Glaser, Broccoli Rabe and Design

by Clare Ultimo No doubt there are many people talking about Milton Glaser right now. He loomed large in the world of communication, design, illustration, and art (his work is at the Louvre after all). I’m sure there will be … Continue reading

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Why Style-Diversity Has Become A Necessity

by Oliver Wetter When I started out drawing and painting things were different. When posting to art communities back in 2002 you either did photo-manipulation or fantasy art. Never both. I believe this is still rooted in the fine art … Continue reading

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Milton Glaser On the Fear of Failure

“Fear of failure,” here Glaser pauses, “… is a phrase that requires a little thought.” Are professionalism and personal development intrinsically tied? Glaser’s professionalism is to have something that no one else has for that is how you make money … Continue reading

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