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Wednesday Tip Jar : Google+ vs Facebook

In search of a face-off. Zuckerberg plays in a fairly large playground. Then comes the world’s biggest search engine throwing its toys into it shrieking with fun. Google+ has joined the game. Facebook is watching. Closely. Confused about the difference?  … Continue reading

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Daniel Fishel answers the tough question…

[ Aug 25, 2011 ]     What is a hipster? Are hipsters, baristas working at coffee shops, getting soused at art parties, riding fixed-gears bikes, going vegan, collecting tattoos and wearing vintage band T-shirts, or maybe just a simple … Continue reading

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Wednesday Tip Jar : Every Image Tells a Story

You’re a storyteller. A good one. With one very compelling story. Yours. Updating your portfolio [be it on your website or other portals] tells a story. It’s about where you’ve been. And where you’re headed. It leaves an imprint of … Continue reading

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Man and Ball – The Old Fashion Game

The god has risen. He is not happy. What have the mortals done to his beloved Game? Let Sleeping Gods Lie is the inaugural issue of Man and Ball soccer magazine, a digital UK publication.  Its writers – nay, firestarters … Continue reading

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The Critic Within

You know the one. You are on a first-name basis, you are that intimate. To silence or cultivate? Here’s a thought. Critics don’t change the world. Those who take chances and risk criticism move the world. Pushing boundaries beyond the … Continue reading

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Wednesday : Tip Jar

On Wednesday, we go diving. Going deep to examine and shed light on your work. That incredible body of work that makes us all say “how did s/he do that?” As much as we enjoy being stunned by art in … Continue reading

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Your Summer Reading List Starts Here.

Altpick Library has launched! We are delighted to celebrate our members books.  Here are some that were just added: Lennette Newell’s “Welcome to the World” book is styled as a sweet and simple letter to newborn and introduces the first … Continue reading

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Stereophonic Hypnotic

There’s something very intriguing about this photo by Mark Peterman. Is it the 1970’s stereo, the headphones, the leather couch, the vase in the window? Is it the man? Is it the man wreathed in a random cloud of smoke? … Continue reading

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Wednesday : Tip Jar

Membership has its promising privileges. Sole possession of a clean towel for the duration of your workout. Decent leg room. A champion breakfast thanks to Bacon-of-the-Month. Hmmm. Bacon. And now this: an Altpick membership. Your career awaits. A few of … Continue reading

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