Sunday Evening. What Are The Neighbors Doing?

Long nights of filming, man-made rain and screaming police with guns drawn. A typical Sunday evening. For Jeffrey Lamont Brown.

Tallgrass Pictures LLC announces the release of the teaser for Sunday Evening, a feature film adapted from a successful European stage play written by Zachary Karabashliev. Preview screenings have generated enthusiastic responses with many fans anxiously awaiting the full-length feature film.

Produced and directed by Jeffrey Lamont Brown and starring Camelia Dee, Catalina Maynard, Joshua Hershfield, Dave Rivas, Benjamin Mathes, and Stephanie Philo. Set in one of Southern California’s exclusive communities, this unsparing and unexpectedly funny film delves into the lives of two families sharing one street and one rainy Sunday evening. Beautiful realism unravels.

Nick is a successful stock broker, married to and still in love with his sweetheart, Rose. And he has just found out about her affair with a redneck.

Their next-door-neighbor, Stela, a film star from the 80’s, is now a face from pharmaceutical TV ads and a stay-at-home mom. When Stela’s confrontation with her daughter, Jenny, cartwheels out of control and intertwines with Nick and Rose’s clash, the film radically changes perspective.

Headed by Jeffrey Lamont Brown, Tallgrass Pictures brings a fresh, reality-based approach to advertising photography and filmmaking for clients nationwide. A true hybrid production company, Tallgrass is creating seamless content (still photo to broadcast) in their signature lush, authentic style. Drawing on deep experience in digital imaging and post production, Tallgrass’ tightly integrated team approach allows it to deliver multiple versions of a visual asset over varied distribution platforms rapidly.

Tallgrass Pictures is a broadcast and print production company with a simple mission: to make beautiful photographs and films for clients around the world. Nurturing strategic partnerships with companies that are creative, client-focused and place a high value on integrity is perhaps why they are listed amongst a myriad of “Best Of” lists.

We also know what they do on a Sunday Evening.

Jeffrey Lamont Brown’s Altpick Page, click here.

Sunday Evening trailer, click here.

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