Red Nose Studio “Journeys” for The New Yorker

RNS_RocketThe New Yorker’s special Journeys issue recently hit the newsstands. Magnet Reps has been waiting a long time to share the artwork Red Nose Studio created for the iconic weekly magazine and the time has finally come. Inspired by stories about traveling off the beaten path, Chris Sickels combined 3D and hand-drawn elements to create a series of whimsical illustrations featuring an oddball character on a series of far out adventures, from jetting through outer space to riding a polar bear across the arctic on an ice floe.

RNS_CrescentMoon RNS_Gondola RNS_Mountaintop RNS_PolarBear RNS_Railcar RNS_RedWood RNS_Tightwire RNS_WeatherVane

To see more of Red Nose Studio’s work go to their website, Magnet Reps’ page and Altpick page.

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2 Responses to Red Nose Studio “Journeys” for The New Yorker

  1. natalyarol says:

    Nice work, really like the combination of the 3D effect and the hand drawn backgrounds.


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