The Critic Within

You know the one. You are on a first-name basis, you are that intimate. To silence or cultivate?

Here’s a thought. Critics don’t change the world. Those who take chances and risk criticism move the world.

Pushing boundaries beyond the possible? Boundaries exist for a reason, no? Should I or shouldn’t I? Is this right? How am I measuring up? Second guessing becomes a new sport. Handy tools of a critic. Wielded with tenacity.

Self-editing before we ever begin our first draft. Why must we impose such hard lines when our creativity flows so much more fluidly without them?

Silence the critic with this: Action. Less talk. More do. It gives us purpose and forces us to be present because of its very immediacy. We cannot do in the past or future. We can only do in the now.

Cultivate the critic with this: Permission. Allow ourselves to fail for this is part and gift-wrapped parcel of the joy of taking risks. Say yes to the moment. Yes, right now. Fall in love with the process of creativity.

Hear the silence?

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2 Responses to The Critic Within

  1. Amen. Silence the censor!


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