Wednesday : Tip Jar

Membership has its promising privileges.

Sole possession of a clean towel for the duration of your workout.

Decent leg room.

A champion breakfast thanks to Bacon-of-the-Month. Hmmm. Bacon.

And now this: an Altpick membership. Your career awaits.

A few of the benefits include:

:: Annual membership fee $99.00 US. Unchanged for longer than we can remember.
:: Unlimited portfolio samples, images, video, flash and more. Go post-happy.
:: Up to 10 web links. Your mad creative skills are legend.
:: Change or update your images anytime, 24/7. Your outfit. Your choice.
:: Your news and calendar event posts show up on our front page. Headline, anyone?
:: RSS Feed for Updates, News and Calendar Events. For the in-the-know who wants to know. About you.
:: Stats on visitors. You want to know. Admit it.
:: Custom icons for your portfolio samples. Avatars for your stars.
:: New work you add appears front and center. Hello, homepage.
:: Visitors can save you to a list of favorites. They really like you.
:: Post to Twitter and Facebook right from your Altpick page. Save you a step so you can get busy.

And when you update your page we push a status update to Twitter. We do the same for news items as well. All great ways to stay visible.

Because you are relevant. We say so.

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