Congratulations to the American Illustration 39 Winners!

Congratulations to the Altpick members and all the illustrators who won in the American Illustration 39 com competition! We would like to specially highlight the winning pieces of Dan BejarDavide Bonazzi, Richard Borge, Ivan Canu, Tom Cocotos, John S. Dykes, Paul Garland, Garth Glazier, Eddie Guy, Urs J. Knobel, Jon Krause, Aaron Meshon, David Plunkert, Mark Smith, and Ellen Weinstein.

Dan Bejar

Illustrator ©Dan Bejar

Dan Bejar’s cover was for a profile on Daniella Ballou-Aares who founded the Leadership Now Project.  The project idea is to rebuild America’s democratic systems in a non-partisan way.

Illustrator ©Dan Bejar

Dan’s second winning illustration was the main components for the artist Dread Scott’s guidebook on the performance project “Slave Rebellion Reenactment”.  The items included the performance, recruitment of performers, the history of the 1811 German Coast uprising, costume making, and book clubs.

Dan’s third winning piece was for a story in Reader’s Digest on an Alabama woman’s experience — as an observer and a shooting victim — which underscores how hungry Americans are to reach consensus.

Davide Bonazzi

Illustrator ©Davide Bonazzi

Davide’ Bonazzi’s book cover illustration of “Hannah Versus the Tree” by Leland de la Durantaye, was published in Italy by Codice Edizioni.

Richard Borge

Illustrator ©Richard Borge

Richard Borge’s 2019 SVA Subway Poster was commissioned in fall 2019 by the School of Visual Arts (SVA) to appear as part of a series of subway platform posters with the tag line “Art Is!”.  Look for the hidden elements!

“Buzzing with Innovation” ©Richard Borge

Richard’s second winning piece was titled “Buzzing with Innovation”, the cover image for the Mechanical Engineering magazine, which celebrated the various areas of the field.

Ivan Canu

Illustrator ©Ivan Canu

Portrait of the Italian romantic poet Giacomo Leopardi for the book “Very Italiani” written by Rossana and Francesco Maletto-Cazzullo was illustrated by Ivan Canu. The book tells the stories of 50 famous Italians from the Middle Ages to contemporary times.  Published by Salani in March 2019.

Tom Cocotos

©Tom Cocotos

Tom Cocotos’ piece “Jay-Z Dissected” was selected for the American Illustration Awards 39.

John Dykes (Leo Acadia)

Illustrator ©John S. Dykes

John Dykes’ “Carvel” was one in a series of paintings inspired by mid-century, products, packaging, design, fashion, and culture.

Paul Garland

Illustrator ©Paul Garland

Paul Garland’s bicycle image accompanied an article about Philadelphia’s ambitious plan to eliminate bicycle deaths on its streets and roads.

Garth Glazier

Illustrator ©Garth Glazier

Illustrator ©Garth Glazier

The promotional set of animal designs for the December and Christmas season was illustrated to be fun and light-hearted.  Garth Glazier was exploring variations in style and approach as well as wordplay.

Eddie Guy

Illustrator©Eddie Guy

“How Many Bones Would You Break to Get Laid?” was Eddie Guy’s commissioned illustration for the May 2019 issue of the New York magazine.  The article is on how some people go under the knife to reshape their faces to increase their dating prospects.

Urs J Knobel

Illustrator ©Urs J Knobel

Urs J Knobel’s caricature depicts how Prime Minster of the UK Boris Johnson’s personality was becoming a problem.

Jon Krause

Illustrator ©Jon Krause

The illustration of the dalmatian was illustrated by Jon Krause for an article advising readers on creating secure passwords, specifically never using your dog’s name.

Illustrator ©Jon Krause

Jon’s second winning piece was for an article about lies and dishonesty in the press.

Aaron Meshon

Illustrator ©Aaron Meshon

Chubu is the Meshon family dog.  In the painting, Aaron Meshon illustrates the Japanese countryside with his son and 4 friends.  The painting was made for a continuing promotional series.

Aaron’s second winning piece was painting and design for the film poster for “Nourishing Japan” documentary about school lunches, the farmers and community that bring the local food to the children, and the importance of its influence on society and life in Japan.

David Plunkert

Illustrator ©David Plunkert

“Suffrage” poster was illustrated by David Plunkert for Blueshift Dance Company and Vaught Contemporary Ballet’s modern dance performance celebrating women’s right to vote.

Illustrator ©David Plunkert

David’s second winning piece, “If/Then” poster was illustrated for The Collective’s modern dance performance relating to the cause and effect of human relationships.

Mark Smith

Illustrator ©Mark Smith

Mark Smith’s illustration, “Happiness in the Workplace” was created for Mendoza Business Magazine.

Illustrator ©Mark Smith

Mark’s second winning piece “To Love and Be Wise” was illustrated for Josephine Tey’s period crime novel.

Ellen Weinstein

Illustrator ©Ellen Weinstein

Ellen Weinstein’s “The Life of Dogs and Cats” in South Korea as depicted through a series of short stories for “Korean Literature Now”.

Illustrator ©Ellen Weinstein

Ellen’s second winning piece was for Marin Magazine for a story on non-invasive beauty treatments.

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