Changing America :: Series 004 :: The Awakening

In our continuing series “Changing America”, Altpick members submit imagery for each edition of the series that depicts their point of view of today’s current crises.  Change is coming no doubt. What was is never more, and perhaps that is a good thing.  We have been awakened from our sleep.  Reminiscences of the 1960s, America is going through a very difficult time, hopefully, we will all come through this as better humans and a more tolerant nation.  In today’s issue, we present the following artists’ work: Ivan Canu, Robert Houser, Keith Barraclough, Otto Steininger, Kevin Steele, Anthony Foronda, Studio Caswell, Jay Watson, and Federico Gastaldi.

Illustrator Ivan Canu

Illustrator ©Ivan Canu

Ivan illustrated the June 21, 2020 cover for L’Espresso of the American political activist, Angela Davis.  As a widely known icon, Davis represents a symbol of a global revolution rising from today’s Black Lives Matter movement which opened a new season of protest worldwide.

Photographer Robert Houser

“When we shot the above video, it was for the cover of an annual report about a company being global and inclusive.  We had numerous models of all skin tones and the hardest thing was getting the hands to look right together, to feel comfortable together.  While they fit together perfectly, there was a visual message that came across from each varied pose.  I think that visual struggle mirrors the societal struggle of today.”                  — Robert Houser

Photographer Keith Barraclough

Kate and Kuma with SoHo murals

Kate and Kuma with Murals in SoHo

Keith and his wife, Kate, did a series of photographs around Manhattan documenting New York City during this pandemic.  These two images were taken in SoHo showing all of the beautiful art on the boarded-up windows in Soho.

Illustrator Otto Steininger

Illustrator Otto Steininger

“Colin Kaepernick created an image of protest against systemic racism three years ago by taking the knee.  Though in this illustration I am suggesting that Kaepernick is brooding over an intractable problem and that it is leaving a dark shadow on America, the fact that even cops are now repeating this gesture to show solidarity with protesters against racism gives me a sense of hope that this time around things are different and that George Floyd did not die for nothing. In several cities, attempts are being made to directly combat brutality and racism at police departments. It is a painful moment in history, but I see something bigger shining through.” Otto Steininger

Photographer Kevin Steele

Photographer ©Kevin Steele

Photographer ©Kevin Steele

“These two recent photographs represent to me the strength that resides within each of us. This is a time to listen. A time to pause and reflect. Most importantly it is a time to effect change. We’ve all been living with uncertainty and fear these last months, feeling vulnerable and anxious. The distractions of daily “normal” life are stripped away and we can see too clearly what has been happening in front of our eyes.  Change is happening.”       —Kevin Steele

Illustrator Anthony Foronda

Illustrator ©Anthony Foronda

Illustrator ©Anthony Foronda

“Now more then ever we need to check our core values and map out where we are in the conversation. We need to unite in our common humanity. Our DNA tells our history to one family. This is not the time to intellectualize but to feel what our heart is saying in response to the suffering in the world. We need to celebrate our differences and empathize with each other.”Anthony Foronda

Photographer Studio Caswell

“38th and Chicago, Minneapolis” Photographer ©Studio Caswell

“The death of George Floyd May 25th started a revolution in Minneapolis and moved across the country. Change is inevitable. But sometimes an event happens that hopefully changes the world for the better. His death is not in vain.”Karin Martinson, Studio Caswell

Photographer Jay Watson

“Jim Savoy” Photographer Jay Watson

Jay photographed Jim Savoy, an African-American San Francisco streetcar racer and shop owner from the late ’60s. The Savoy Project, started by Dan Stoner of AutoCult, is selling replica T-shirts inspired by an iconic Savoy Auto Parts logo. All shirt sales will support the NAACP legal defense fund to help end police violence.

Illustrator Federico Gastaldi

Illustrator ©Federico Gastaldi

“Seeing an entire nation pouring into the streets and demonstrating against racism is truly inspirational.” — Federico Gastaldi

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