Congratulations Altpick Members in AI-AP, ADDY, Spider, Neal, Luerzers Archive, ASMP, Applied Arts, AOP, One Eyeland, Color Awards, Circle Arts, Creatively Quarterly AWARDS

As you may know, we are not only in the midst of a quarantine but in the midst of the Award Season in the graphic arts community.  Many members have been selected, chosen, or won awards in American Illustration 39, ADDY, Black & White Spider Awards, Jesse H. Neal Awards, ASMP, Applied Arts, Luerzer’s Archive, Int’l Color Awards, One Eyeland, AOP, Creative Quarterly and Circle Arts Awards.  Let’s take this opportunity to congratulate all of the winners!

Ellen Weinstein, Illustrator

Two of Ellen Weinstein’s pieces,  “Cats and Dogs” and “Noninvasive Beauty Treatments”, have been selected for the American Illustration 39 Annual Book and exhibition.

Kent Miller, Photographer

Kent Miller’s winning pieces have been published in the 14th Black & White Spider Awards Video Series: Fine Art – “Dance Hurts”; Honorable Mention in Fine Art – “Dance Hurts”; Nominee in Fashion – “Jess in the Tub”; and Nominee in Fine Art – “Breana Smear”.

David Plunkert, Illustrator/Designer

David Plunkert’s art for the book “Artificial Life After Frankenstein”, and 2 Posters for Theatre Project: “Suffrage” and “If/Then” were selected for American Illustration 39.

Urs J. Knobel, Illustrator

“Boris Johnson” ©Urs J. Knobel

Urs J. Knobel’s portrait of the Prime Minister of the UK, “Boris Johnson”, has been selected for the American Illustration 39 Awards.

Kristofer Dan-Bergman, Photographer

Kristofer Dan-Bergman’s winning piece “Raging Mother” has won several awards this year, Applied Arts, Nominated in the International Color Awards, Shortlisted in Graphis and Gold in 2019, Creative Quarterly Top 100, and United Photo Industries – Earth in Focus Award.

Chris Lyons, Illustrator

“Canandaigua Lakefront Art Show” ©Chris Lyons

Chris Lyons‘ poster “Canandaigua Lakefront Art Show” has been selected into the Society of Illustrators 2020 show and received a Gold in the ADDY Awards.

Jon Krause, Illustrator

Jon Krause’s pieces, UVA Lawyer “Lies in the Media” and  Wall Street Journal “Creating Strong Passwords” were chosen for the American Illustration 39 Awards.

Ivan Canu, Illustrator

“Very Italiani” ©Ivan Canu

Ivan Canu’s portrait of the Italian Romantic poet Giacomo Leopardi, one of the 50 portraits of “Very Italiani”, a book written by Rossana and Francesco Maletto Cazzullo for Adriano Salani Publisher was a selected winner of the American Illustration 39 annual and exhibition.

John Kuczala, Photographer

“Return to Sender” Crain’s Cover ©John Kuczala

John Kuczala’s photo for Crain’s magazine won a Neal Award in the Best Art Direction for a Cover.  The image, art directed by Carolyn McClain illustrated how some NYC council members tried to squash the deal to have the Amazon headquarters in LIC.

Dorit Thies, Photographer

“Fearless” ©Dorit Thies

Dorit Thies‘ “Fearless” won second place in ASMP Style Editorial category.

Jay Watson, Photographer

“Veda on West Cliff Drive” ©Jay Watson

Jay Watson’s “Veda on West Cliff Drive” apparel shoot for Santa Cruz Skateboards wins in the 2020 Applied Arts Photography & Illustration Awards Annual, Portrait Single category.

Simon Puschmann, Photographer

Simon Puschmann’s images have been selected for the 200 Best Advertising Photographers 20/21 Luerzers Archive; International Color Awards for Honorable Mention in Fine Art | Wastelands; Honorable Mention in Still Life | Assaulted Flowers and Nominee in Advertising | BMW Concept4; Spider Awards Honorable Mention Advertising McLaren, Silver Award at One Eyeland Award, Category Fine Art / Still Life Wastelands Series; Vega Award Canopus Winner, BMW Concept 4 Film; AOP Award 2020 2x Finalist Forest Bathing & Wastelands, Wastelands Exhibition at Fraunberg Ateliers Munich, Germany, Wastelands Exhibition at Zingst Fotofestival, Zingst, Germany (both fell victim to Covid 19).

Richard Borge, Illustrator

Richard Borge was selected for two pieces, “Buzzing in Innovation” for Mechanical Engineering magazine and “ART IS!” for the School of Visual Arts in the American Illustration 39.

John Dykes, Illustrator

“Carvel and Pinto” ©John Dykes

John Dykes’ painting “Carvel and Pinto”, acrylic and collage on mounted board with acrylic resin 2020m 48″ x25″ was created as part of a 1960’s theme series was selected for the American Illustration 39 book.

Ryan Ketterman, Photographer

Ryan Ketterman’s JAXPORT series won a Gold District ADDY award and the image has moved on to the nationals.

Lisa Powers, Photographer

Lisa Powers received a “Certificate of Excellence” from Circle Arts Foundation, Myrina Tunberg Georgiou, Director for her image titled “Complicated Women” and a Black & White Spider award in the Portrait category for her “Bauhaus” piece. In addition, her images were selected by LENS magazine as a featured.

Eddie Guy, Illustrator

Eddie Guy’s winning pieces in the American Illustration 39 awards included “How Many Bones Would You Break To Get Laid” – “Incels” going under the knife to reshape faces for New York Magazine and “Competing in the Age” of AI for Harvard Business Review.

Tom Cocotos, Illustrator

©Tom Cocotos

Tom Cocotos’ piece “Jay-Z Dissected” was selected for the American Illustration        Awards 39.

Sergio Baradat, Illustrator

“Las Trés Marias”
©Sergio Baradat

Sergio Baradat’s piece “Les Trés Marias” was selected in the                                           American Illustration 39 Awards.

Paul Garland, Illustrator

“Ghost Bike” ©Paul Garland

Paul Garland’s “Ghost Bike” illustration for @phillymag_art article on a plan to eliminate traffic deaths, has been chosen as one of the winners for American Illustration 39.

Carlo Giambarresi, Illustrator


Carlo Giambarresi two art pieces, “Teachers Empowering” and “Aviation’s Climate Challenge” were selected for American Illustration 39.

Robert Houser, Photographer 

Robert Houser’s photograph, “Backbend” won several awards including APA – Gold in Sport; One Eyeland – Bronze in Sport; IPA – Honorable Mention; Black & White Spider Award – Honorable Mention in Sport and Int’l Color Awards – Honorable Mention for “Ballet”.

Mark Peterman, Photographer

©Mark Peterman

Mark Peterman’s image, “The Path Through the Woods” was selected for the American Photography 36 annual and chosen for the online gallery.


Thank you for taking the time to view these amazing artists! 

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