Steve Williams Collaborates with Burdette Ketchum on Gate Hospitality Project

Ponte VedraV-14_GHG_0055 MAILER EPPING_LR-2Photographer Steve Williams was chosen by Burdette Ketchum ad agency to create lifestyle photos for their client, Gate Hospitality Group in Jacksonville. The four-day shoot took place in September at four of their resorts: Ponte Vedra Inn, Lodge and Club, Epping Forest Yacht Club and The River Club. “We had a great crew and models, along with with wonderful production and art direction from the agency”, Williams says.

These photos will be used for ads and websites.

Here’s how the photos were used:

Ponte VedraV-14_GHG_0055 MAILER A1_LR-2-1

Ponte VedraV-GHG_AD_JAXMAG-1-1

Ponte VedraV-14_GHG_0055 MAILER EPPING_LR-3

Ponte VedraV-14_GHG_0055 MAILER EPPING_LR-2

Ponte VedraV-14_GHG_0055 MAILER A1_LR-3

Here are some ‘behind the scenes’ shots:

IMG_8709 IMG_8727 IMG_8718To see more of Steve Williams’ work go to his website and Altpick page.


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