Multi-Talented Kris LeVasseur Talks to Altpick Connects


©Kris LeVasseur

Kris LeVasseur has been photographing for the film, TV, music, sports, editorial, corporate and advertising industries for the last 14 years on a national and international level. Today Kris talks with about his next adventure.

AP:  Tell us a little bit about how you started out in the arts?

KL: Musical performances for the public were by the age of 4.  Singing came first and drumming soon followed.  I have no memory of not expressing my imagination, developing my creativity and wanting others to do so with me.


©Kris LeVasseur

AP.  As a musician, photographer and film maker, which genre do you focus on the most and feel the most comfortable?

KL:  Drumming for example, is one of the only things in my life that seems almost effortless to me, but the reality of making quality music with quality people can be very hard to come by.  Creating still photographs and videos has been a lot easier to obtain.  I enjoy the independence and freedom associated with the visual arts.  I love collaboration with the subject and/or the client for example.  I thrive off of conceptual portrayals with people having fun and adding an element of improvisation to the basic blueprint that is given to me.  Currently, this is my main concentration.


©Kris LeVasseur

AP:  Is there a synergy between all of the mediums and do you combine them to create something new?

KL:  I have based a lot of my decisions as a filmmaker/photographer on what I have learned from being a musician.  I find there is a relationship between all of the mediums. When I play the drums for example, I am antenna to not only the sights and sounds of my  environment, but also the visuals that I see in my head…be it colors, abstract visions or more concrete dream like scenarios simultaneously.  Most times in regards to my personal work, I have “a vision” or “a calling” and build it up and work it out from there.  When a client presents me with what they are looking for I try my best to accommodate their needs and make them feel comfortable.  I think it’s important to know your role, understand the importance of a budget, time constraints, and professional conduct…Respect + Trust = Team.


©Kris LeVasseur

AP:  Tell us a little bit about your new award winning video for Dan Lanois’ song “Aquatic”.

KL:  I have been a fan of Dan Lanois for most of my life.  Please check out all things Dan Lanois at The video I just did for his song “Aquatic” can be found at http:://  He is most definitely a ‘sonic guru’ and has always encouraged ‘undiscovered artists’.  He embodies such an amazing, consistent and deeply humble vibe.  He has inspired me on so many levels.  When his Flesh and Machine project surfaced and I couldn’t have been more excited to participate.  I love the song Aquatic so much.  It is not only a true honor to have the video I submitted to his video contest be selected for the song, but a true pleasure to create a visual relationship with Dan’s song through light and emotion.  It was evoked by nature from a personal, sacred location under completely spontaneous circumstances.


©Kris LeVasseur

AP:  You mentioned that your next goal is to move to Panama City.  Why Panama?

KL: I like going places I’ve never gone before. l love exploring and new experiences. My hopes for experiencing Panama are that overall it’s a vibrant, driven place; I want to share my background, skills, and knowledge, creating new business and providing services to the people of Panama. I love the fact that Panama prides itself on being a true melting pot, welcomes positive change, obtains an enticing biodiversity, as well as being conscious of respect to a demographic’s history in the process of gentrification. I want to be a part of a booming economy open to passionate people that do not judge success as a threat but as an asset to all of us.


©Kris LeVasseur

AP:  Who is your greatest inspiration…person, place or thing?

KL:  My parents. They are a perfect recipe. They have great chemistry… one hand washes the other. They are resilient, motivated, and know unconditional love for each other through thick and thin. What you see is what you get and they are genuinely really good people.

©Kris LeVasseur

©Kris LeVasseur

KL:  Thank you Maria. I have wanted to do an interview with you for a long time. I have always admired you for your intellect, articulation, respect for artists, and hands on approach to the business you conduct. Best wishes! – Kris

AP:  It is our pleasure!  Thank you for sharing and giving us some insight on your passions and profession.

To see more of Kris’ work go to his Altpick page.

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