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©Gina Binkley

Gina Binkley adds NEW Photographic WORK to her portfolio, “Lera”.



©Guy Stauber

Following his recent move to Cleveland, Guy Stauber illustrates a tribute to Lebron and his time with Miami for Richard Solomon Artist Reps.



©Heather Scholl

Heather Scholl’s “Salt of the Earth” – Dedicated to the Bees – mixed media on wood
36″ x 36″.



©Emiliano Ponzi

Emiliano Ponzi illustrates for La Repubblica for an article which presents the question does art pieces really change the environment?



©Brook Pifer

The latest from photographer Brook Pifer is her new beach version series of the Lady Adventures.



©Neale Osborne

Neale Osborne’s latest illustrations continue his pictorial tribute to ‘The Fantastic Four’ – and, of course, their creators Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and (fellow Birmingham-born) artist John Byrne.



©Tim O’Brien

Tim O’Brien’s recent assignment for Reed College Magazine was to illustrate Emilio Pucci, the Italian fashion designer.


©Otto Steininger

©Otto Steininger

Otto Steininger adds a new illustration to his portfolio “Flying Exercise No. 3”.



©Nick Nacca

Photographer Nick Nacca found this spot in the hills of California and had some fun lighting up the campsite.



©Alex Nabaum

Alex Nabaum illustrated a preview in Chicago Magazine for the play “Native Son” by the author Richard Wright.



©Kari Moden

Kari Modén’s illustration for Red Magazine’s feature story was on the 2014 technology trends, for example, Google glasses and Samsung gear watch.



©Cade Martin

Cade Martin  photographed a fresh brand identity for our Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company’s 35th Anniversary Season.



©George Logan

Photographer George Logan shoots HSBC campaign for JWT.


©Brian Kuhlmann


Brian Kuhlmann adds some new portraits and fashion to his portfolio with his new series “Hannah K”.


©Kevin Hauff

Kevin Hauff had an interesting commission for the Radio Times where they needed an image for the magazine radio pages to accompany a Radio 4 drama called Psalm – about the playwright Ben Johnson.


©Lorenzo Gritti

Lorenzo Gritti’s Portrait N.28 from The Book of W.W.2 Italian Resistance W.I.P.



©Edel Rodriguez

Edel Rodriguez illustrated one of the covers for Margarita Engle’s books, “The Lightning Dreamer”.


©Stephanie Diani

Photographer Stephanie Diani recently photographed actress and writer Judy Greer for a cover story in Backstage magazine.


©Alicia Buelow

Alicia Buelow’s latest design work for Adobe: Hero illustrations for Adobe CC Learning.


©Phil Bliss

“Rarely am I moved by the loss of a celebrity the way I am with this man. He battled demons as many creative geniuses do. He gave us all so much”, comments illustrator          Phil Bliss.

To see more Altpick artists’ work, click here.

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