Brian Cummings Rolls Out In Style With BECK’S

static.squarespaceIt’s tailgating season and nobody is gonna do it better than this sexy beast.

Beck’s (AB InBev), has rolled out their Mercedes G-Wagon, mobile marketing juggernaut, just in time for summer in Miami. Designed by ACD and sweet ride enthusiast, Joe Wieneke (Group 360°), it is an exercise in straight up pimping.

Brian Cummings and crew were asked to do some promo shots of said sled and Brian’s reply was, “OK, we’ll shoot it on white, real nice like. Nothing fancy”. Joe’s reaction was “Meh. Go all out with it?”. Well, stellar direction gets stellar results.

Cummings’ studio is rather large with 30′ ceilings and garage entry, so shooting large pieces (motorcylce, compact car, full size game room, etc) are possible. But, he had yet to attempt something of this size before. Their column width throughout the studio is 16′ apart. The G-Wagon dimensions run : 6.74′ wide x 15.5′ long x 6.4′ tall. So, imagine maneuvering this beast into position between each column (think Austin Powers driving a mini-cart).

If you look on the inter-webs, there are several informative videos on how to light automobiles. Most of these use some form of a Chimera F2x strip bank (see photo).



Unfortunately, when you do not own one, nor could rent one locally, what do you do? Improvise.

A 20′ sectional overhead butterfly frame with silk (w/ combo stands) was rented and modified to size to just squeak over head of the wagon. From there, the crew boomed 5 heads (with open reflectors), lining up in a row from hood to spare tire. Utilizing two stripbank soft boxes aligned vertically with the front and back ends of the vehicle, they were able to create a linear light source across the body panels.

For details of the tires and rims, they used a single head w/ open reflector in combination with a large bounce to add just enough kick light. Shoot and repeat.

Beck's G-Wagon - Side

Beck's G Wagon - Rear


Client: Anheuser Busch InBev

Agency: Group 360°

CD: Mason Magyar

ACD: Joe Wieneke

AE: Michelle Fahy

SrExperiential Producer: Megan Eads

Assistant: Alex Grman

Digital Tech: Meg Hensley

Producer: Amy Kubala

Reposted from Brian Cummings’ blog.

To see more of Brian’s work, go to his website and Altpick page.

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