Cade Martin Invited to Photograph “Smithsonian’s 101 Most Influential Objects”


Louis Armstrong’s Trumpet
1946, African American Museum

Cade Martin was part of a team of 7 photographers (Albert Watson, Dan Winters, Max Aguilera-Hellweg, Mark Laita, Susan Seubert and Dave Burnett) who were assigned to photograph the Smithsonian’s “101 Most Influential Objects”.  Cade’s images were included on the Smithsonian’s website, cover and interior spread for the magazine.

“It was an amazing project and I was honored to have been part of the team of photographers working on this project.”, says Martin

To see the entire set of images click here.


FDR’s Microphone
1930s, American Museum


Bell’s Telphone
1876, American History Museum


Walt Whitman Photograph
1891, Portrait Gallery


Remington Typewriter
c 1874, American History Museum


Marian Anderson’s Fur Coat
1939, Anacostia Community Museum


Nat Turner’s Bible
1831, African American Museum


Langston Hughes’ “The Colored Soldier”
1931, American Art Archives


Middle Mississippian Mask
1200-1400, American Indian Museum


Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s Robe
1981, American History Museum


Chavez’s Jacket
1891, Portrait Gallery


Nam June Paik’s Electronic Superhighway
1995, American Art Museum


1962, Air and Space Museum

To see more of Cade Martin’s work go to the Smithsonian’s website, Cade’s website and Altpick page.

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