Simon Puschmann’s KIA Soul PhotoShoot

14KSOL-001-A_V3It´s the all new Kia Soul brochure photoshoot.  The Fairplex grounds, Bldg #9 location in Pomona, California  was chosen specifically for the quarry tile floors and the 400 watt metal halide downlights.   Simon Puschmann wanted the shoot to have a some grit, texture and lots of character.  Just like the Kia, Simon let serendipity to come into play, highlighting the fun, super cool technology and little  surprises of the car.  It’s incredible Simon didn’t use any CGI.  He picked a genius set builder Rick Elden and his sons to build all the sets and create the awesome light installations.

14KSOL-002-A_V4 14KSOL-022-A_V2 14KSOL-021-A_V3 14KSOL-015-A_V2 14KSOL-010-A_V2 14KSOL-009-A_V3 14KSOL-004-A_V3 14KSOL-003-A_V3 14KSOL-020-A_V3


Client: KIA Motors USA

 Agency: David & Goliath

Creative Director: Andrea Schindler

Production Company: Ink & Oranges Inc

Producer on set: Michael McClellan

Production Assistant: Will Sexton

Photo Assistants: Paul Abel and Leon Puschmann

Grip: Ole Kagelmacher

Set Design: Rick Elden

Rig: Move n Shoot

Post Production: Mainworks

Location: Fairplex Bldg. #9, Los Angeles

To see more of Simon Puschmann’s photography, go to his website and Altpick page.


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