Scott Lowden’s Lord of the Flies (Sort-of)

Every holiday and even some random weekends, I would find myself driving down Rt. 309 in Hazleton Pa. There’s this building that continually caught my eye, especially when the sun was low and bright. It’s an abandoned machine shop of some type, and I can only imagine the cool widgets they’d make inside. Finally on a recent loop around the Northeast, I put a shoot together featuring my nieces and nephew, whose parents I convinced to let them follow me into this tetanus-ridden environment to create some ‘fun’ imagery. Borrowing some clothes from LA’s Blu Pony Vintage, and pulling a few key props from the nearby Salvation Army and dollar store, a super light version of ‘Lord of the Flies’ was born.

SLP_LordofFlies2 SLP_LordofFlies3 SLP_LordofFlies4 SLP_LordofFlies5 SLP_LordofFlies6 SLP_LordofFlies7 SLP_LordofFlies8 SLP_LordofFlies9 SLP_LordofFlies10 SLP_LordofFlies11 SLP_LordofFlies12To see more of Scott Lowden’s work, go to his website and Altpick page.
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