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AltPICK’s Heroes :: This is What We Love

Joel Holland, Oliver Wetter, BC Kagan to name a few have contributed some wonderful insights on our Altpick Connects blog.  Here we have a collection of the latest entries beginning with Joel Holland, The Letterer, Illustrator and Pizza Maker.    … Continue reading

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Joel Holland, The Letterer, Illustrator and Pizza Maker

Joel Holland is a former point guard and current amateur pizza maker based in the East Village of New York.  He is also an illustrator/hand-letterer whose clients include The New York Times, Penguin Books, TIME, Pentagram UK, Weiden + Kennedy … Continue reading

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Illustrator Oliver Wetter :: Skulls, Characters and Legends

German artist and a web citizen, Oliver Wetter, creates worlds out of briefings, his solution oriented work attitude, leads to great visual appeal.  Here are some of his favorite images. Oliver Wetter: “The concept of Skull:z & Idols is the … Continue reading

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BC Kagan :: 1980s New Romantics Era

Internationally published photographer, BC Kagan, is best known for her portraits of emerging punk rock, new wave and alternative rock bands.  The long list of eminent bands and musicians she has photographed includes, among others: U2, Aerosmith, Phish, The Police, The Cars, … Continue reading

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Zave Smith Gives Back

A short, two minute video about Zave Smith’s work with Flashes of Hope. To see more go to Zave’s website and Altpick page.

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