Christoph Martin Schmid – In His Own Words – “SCREAM !!”

by Christoph Martin Schmid

The series of photographs SCREAM !! describes people cracking under the  pressure induced by their desire to experience a perfect life. Horny-Dog

Frustration and anxiety are born from the fear that we cannot control the outcome of our choices. In the series SCREAM!!. I take a look at this aspect of human nature and while I do not judge the scenario, I prefer to let the viewer put his own emotional colors onto the situations depicted. The idyllic imagery serves to lure the observer and to capture his interest, only to turn him into a witness of human despair: By the time the subject has reached the screaming stage, all control has been surrendered and all that is left is rage and frustration.  Hope you like!





There is trouble in paradise.  His name is Christoph Martin Schmid.

To see more of Christoph’s photography go to his website and Altpick page.
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