Photographer Kristofer Dan-Bergman :: In His Own Words

Rodebjer 2

As photography evolves, especially since digital turned everything upside-down , so does the excitement with trying out new tools the market is offering to create photographs.  Kristofer Dan-Bergman’s latest discovery is the iPhone with the different apps one can use on the spot to manipulate the picture.  “Its quick and easy and you never have to put the file on your desktop, instant gratification especially with the quick upload to the different social media that are available.  I always have had an advance point and shoot camera with me (and still do) but this has added another dimension and excitement to my photography and my creative evolution.”  In his words, Kristofer describes some of his favorite images.

KDB: “Rodebjer” (above image) was from a fashion show and the cat walk during Fashion Week.  I was waiting with the camera pointed at her hoping that she would look at me and all of a sudden she did. I just love the way she is looking at ‘me’.

Red Pants and Sneakers
KDB: A shot from Grand Central Station during midday.  When I saw the shadows and light as I was exiting Grand Central I stopped.  It was amazing.  I knew right away to crop the heads out as I was shooting it. It was the shadows that was the main attraction here and the mystery. I call this picture ‘Red Pant and Sneakers’.
New Museum
KDB: A shot from a Press Showing I attended at the New Museum on Bowery.  When I came to one of the floors I was taken by the big room and orange carpet and then I saw there was an opening at the end with natural light spilling in.  There was one more person in the room and she was working herself towards the light.  I knew exactly what I wanted and hoped I would be able to capture it. I did, and even though I had been impressed by the bright orange carpet I felt it was much more suited as a b/w. The graininess, mysterious light as well as an unidentified person made the picture even more captivating to me.

Allen St.
KDB: On my way home from yoga I came across this scen on Allen and Rivington Streets on the LES.  The image I call “Life is a Mystery” from one of the comments I got after posting it. The night, graininess and the dramatic lighting and no people (visible) makes it sort of mysterious.
KDB:  This is my latest shot from last night when I was doing the Galleries in Chelsea.  It yet doesn’t yet have a title except for  ‘Galleries’ or better yet ‘Spaces’.

To see more of Kristofer Dan-Bergman’s photography, go to his website and Altpick page.
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