Photographer Chris Sembrot :: In His Own Words

Photographer Chris Sembrot describes in his own words a new series of  redheads inspired by his mother.
CS:  The idea to start a “redhead” series was first and foremost an homage to to my mother.  My mom is a natural strawberry blond and was my first sitter. What began as an environmental portrait, morphed into what is now this more classical portrait series after a recent trip to The Barnes Museum with my wife.
SC: Unsure of the technical approach for lighting or even concept, and idea struck after that evening at the museum. Shortly after, I teamed up with a local wardrobe stylist, Kiley Baun ( ) and we got working on a concept that was driven by an elegant wardrobe and utilizing props as symbolism (just like many early European painters).
To see more of Chris Sembrots work, go to his website and Altpick page.
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