Dana Hursey’s “Stalwart: The Working Class Family”

Copyright Dana Hursey

The inspiration for Dana Hursey’s “Stalwart” shoot was like so many of his personal projects. “The visual just popped into my head. In this case I certainly draw from my own childhood where these iconic figures were the norm, or at least the illusion to aspire to.”, comments Hursey.

Copyright Dana Hursey

Dana can see a bit of himself , his siblings and parents in each of these caricatures. He has recently been pursuing a style that attempts to capture a small touch of an illustration feel, while remaining photographic in nature.

Copyright Dana Hursey

Hursey continues to say, “I use this to varying degrees depending on the subject, content, and story I am trying to tell. Simply put; I’m playing… and its fun! I am continuing to pursue imagery that has a somewhat “retro” feel to it (some have called it Norman Rockwell-esque) and am creating another series on a different theme, but still with references to the past.”

Copyright Dana Hursey

Copyright Dana Hursey

Hair & Make-up: Tania Russell                                                                                          Wardrobe: Holly Copeland                                                                                             Retouching: Lisa Carney & Dana Hursey

To see more of Dana Hursey’s work go to his website and Altpick.com page.

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2 Responses to Dana Hursey’s “Stalwart: The Working Class Family”

  1. Dave Bradley says:

    Nice shots, very illustrative. No biggie, but the Boy Scout salute is wrong


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