Brian Cummings’ Fairy Fatales : : Unhappily Ever After

Imagine that the sweet, beautiful, angelic protagonist of your favorite childhood fairy tale were actually a dangerous seductress, capable of heinous, deceitful acts and unforgivable cruelty towards fictional talking animals in pants and crowns. Need some help? Leave it to Brian Cummings, sick and demented individual that he is, to spark your imagination.

In a photo series that has come to be known as “Fairy Fatales,” Brian has created visual narratives telling the other side of the story, and unforgivingly implying twisted alternate endings to our favorite traditional tales. Maybe the slimy green frog’s destiny is NOT to receive a kiss from the princess, living happily ever after as a handsome prince. Maybe he’d be better suited quartered and simmering in a golden broth as the first course?

Rapunzel just wasn’t ready for a long-term relationship.

Also, wouldn’t Papa Bear make a FABULOUS rug for Goldilocks’s new cabin? This is a series that is sure to delight (and perhaps disturb) children and adults of all ages!

To see more of Brian Cummings photography go to his website and his Altpick page.


The End.

Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite. Because they will.

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