Megan Piontkowski’s “Tiny Underdog City” Book Launch

Megan Piontkowski’s new artist’s book Tiny Underdog City: An Uncomprehensive Guide is a satirical guide book for her invented Tiny Underdog City.  The book refers to a body of work Megan created in 2006 collectively entitledTiny Underdog City and also includes autobiographical references as well.  Megan used as inspiration for this project her ambivalent feelings toward marginalization and outsiderness. For example, the book pokes fun at these ideas in the section about art in which the “Museum of Undiscovered Artists” has on display its permanent collection entitled “Art You Can’s See By Artists You Don’t Know”.   In the back of the book is a fold out map shows that all roads and places of interest lie on what would be considered in a conventional city to be the margins.  The introduction informs the reader that the first settlers of Tiny Underdog City did not want to be at the center of things, literally or metaphorically, so the city formed in this particiular way.

There will be a book launch and cocktail reception for Megan’s book on Saturday April 14th at 8pm at 75a 10th St 2nd fl. #7 in Brooklyn.  There you will be able to see one of the hand printed hand bound versions of the book as well as have the opportunity to purchase the paperback version. ** All paperback sold at the launch will also include a limited edition screenprint.** After the launch the paperbacks will be available for purchase on Etsy.

 See more of Megan’s work on her website and her Altpick page.


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