Wednesday Tip Jar :: Be Authentic, Be A Storyteller

Yesterday I attended the OMMA  Global conference in NYC and I had the pleasure of sitting in on the keynote speaker Kim Kadlac, Worldwide Vice President at Johnson & Johnson, and case study seminars with HP, Zappos, HBO, Mullen, BBDO and Live Nation.  All the sessions were informative, all were fascinating, all worth every minute.

Seminar after seminar the same important points were made and more importantly, reminders that although the business has changed more in the last 5 years then in the last 25 years, some things don’t change.  Basic practices and etiquette principles just don’t go out of style:

.Be authentic.

.Be creative, be unique

.Be generous

.Be a good listener

.Create relationships

.Choose your words carefully

.Celebrate special moments

.Create an experience

.Be the first to apologize

.Don’t worry if they like you, make sure they love you

.Be a storyteller

We are all creative and being authentic is not hard, just like a muscle it needs to be used.  Using all of these points will keep you on track.  Be an authentic storyteller.

You know how.

–Maria Ragusa-Burfield | Founder | Alternative Pick |

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1 Response to Wednesday Tip Jar :: Be Authentic, Be A Storyteller

  1. Paul Garland says:

    All things that I try to keep true to my practice Maria, good to know that these things still count in a sometimes ‘fickle’ world. It would be nice to have more clients to apply these morals to – all welcome, give me a call…


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