Art + Japan = Compassion

Designed by Ayako Otoshi
It is no coincidence there is passion in compassion.
In a continuing effort to show Japan they are an island in geography only, Altpick is providing a platform in an effort to activate, inspire and facilitate the marrying of passion with compassion through art.

Art + Japan = Compassion is a tribute to the art of human nature. Yours.

This inaugural benefit fundraiser marks a most anticipated launch of an ongoing effort by Altpick to inspire global compassion in art. Your donation of one art piece will find its way to a happy place and become a collection of proceeds that will help with the ongoing relief efforts for those truly affected by the calamitous events in Japan.

In the coming weeks, we will be in conversation with you regarding this benefit fundraiser including dates, logistics and news. Altpick members will have a direct feed. For those new to the conversation, please say hello at 212.675.4176 or

Open call to artists [members or non]: Donate one piece by emailing a jpg to with subject line “art + japan donation”. You will be added to our compassion list. Stay tuned for next steps.

japan benefit logo design : Ayako Otoshi | ny

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