AltPick Connects the Dots

We want to talk with you. You. The artist who fills the world with paintings, graphics, photography, fashion, architecture, music and books. This is not an exhaustive list by any means. We find art in unexpected places. We find artists in infinite places. You will find both at AltPick Connects.

Welcome to our conversation.

2011 finds Alternative Pick at Year 20. A milestone we cannot let escape without a proper tribute. We begin with a conversation we call … AltPick Connects. It occurs to us that 20 years is a wonderful place to be. History is made. Industries are changed. Art is produced. Artists continue creating. The conversation gets better.

Lucky us.

Start the conversation: comment, subscribe, post, tweet, say hello.

banner art: paul garland | uk | altpick member since 2007<

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8 Responses to AltPick Connects the Dots

  1. Leah says:

    Hi! Nice to see this blog. Go Altpick Go!


    • Our first hello goes to you, Leah. Thanks for kick-starting the conversation so very nicely.

      Have you guys met Leah? Altpick member and photographer from Frisco going by the handle @i_love_leah … and yes, we do love her.


  2. David says:

    Howdy folks!


    • Well hello, David. And how is St Louie looking through your wonderful lens? Thinking of you and so many in MO today.

      Altpick Connectors … are you aware that David is more than just a number on an invoice? Altpick member and a commercial/editorial photog with an incredibly honest eye. Discovery Channel, ESPN and Forbes seem to agree.


  3. Congrats on 20 years, Altpick—looking forward to being part of an active dialogue on illustration and photography for the next 20!


    • And this is why this blog exists. Because of you, Jing Jing, and you and you and you *looking at each of you*. An active dialogue on illustration and photography for the next 20? We’re getting goosebumps.

      As an illustrator, Altpick member Jing to the second, is best at curating fake food. She counts Harcourt and Penguin as clients. However, we’re most impressed by Crayola because we just know she uses every single crayon in that box. Say hello to Michael, Jing Jing. We’re planning a sales call to Hawaii. Just as soon as we find our grass skirt and surfboard.


  4. paulgarland says:

    Hi Maria, congratulations on 20 years in the business and a big thank you for allowing me to produce your blog banner. Very best of luck with it.


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