Barraclough Captures the Beautiful Maine Coast

Photographer ©Keith Barraclough “Crescent Beach Maine”

It’s possible you know Keith Barraclough for his unrivaled talent in taking portraits (the famous The RedHead Project being only one of many incredible portrait series). Keith’s captivating landscape photos are just as impressive.

Landscape of Peaks Island

Lately, Keith has been sharing a number of gorgeous views of the Atlantic Ocean from the shores of Maine, including several panoramic shots of the cold, autumn landscape. Also featured in the photos are Keith’s lovely wife, Kate, and their dog, Kuma. If you need any more reasons to pay Maine a visit, more captivating photos can be found on Keith’s official Instagram here.

Photographer ©Keith Barraclough “Landscape of Peaks Island”

Photographer ©Keith Barraclough “Panoramic of the Atlantic Ocean from Crescent Beach”

Photographer ©Keith Barraclough “Panoramic of rock at Crescent Beach”

Photographer ©Keith Barraclough “Cooks Lobster Shack on Bailey’s Island”

Panoramic of Kuma on the path of Crescent Beach Park

To see more of Keith Barraclough’s amazing photography, please visit his website and Altpick page.

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