Richard Borge’s SVA “Art Is!” Subway Poster Project

©Richard Borge

Illustrator Richard Borge’s interview with @NewYorkNico from Heller Films, Borge discusses his “Art Is!” poster for SVA, how it’s important to keep your career fun and most importantly to follow your dreams.

©Richard Borge

Borge’s collaborated with Gail Anderson on the ”ART IS!” SVA subway poster, which explores how art is about play, imagination, and passion.

With the School of Visual Arts “ART IS!” series, the artist is asked to interpret what “art is!” means to them. The parameters were very open, and they had responded well to Richard’s style in which he makes toys. Gail Anderson (creative director) just wanted him to do his thing and was very supportive of everything Richard brought in. “To me, art can include play and exploration, which was the basis for the series.” Richard continues to say, “We created one large poster for the NYC Subway and a series of 3 animations for the LinkNYC animated kiosks on the street level around NYC. I’m honored to be on the list of artists who have created these posters over the years”.

©Richard Borge

©Richard Borge

©Richard Borge

©Richard Borge

To see more of Richard Borge’s work, please visit his website and his page on


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