Two Entries by Lennette Newell Chosen for AP 35 Show

Photographer Lennette Newell is honored to announce that two(!) of her images have been chosen for the American Photography 35 show. The pieces, “Rebirth” and “Unbounded #2”, were picked with 342 other entries from more than 7000 submissions and can now be seen in the new slideshow provided by AI-AP . Lennette explains the background for the two chosen photographs as such:

Photographer ©Lennette Newell

Composite: Cinereous vulture (Aegypius monachus) + Homo Sapiens Skull
“The educational vulture was photographed in a large studio setting. The homo sapiens skull was photographed at the California Academy of Sciences with my makeshift location setup.
Bird mythology has always intrigued me. In ancient mythology vultures ability to consume death and produce life was associated with rebirth. Many gods featured vulture wings or faces. Vultures were also associated with keeping life and death in order. As long as the vultures consumed the dead and were able to reproduce, the balance of life was in good order.
In the early Neolithic culture, the deceased were exposed in order to be excoriated by vultures and other carrion birds. The Neolithic period’s highly prominent cult of the dead was focused around excoriation, and the use of the vulture as a symbol of both astral flight and the transmigration of the soul in death.“

Photographer ©Lennette Newell

“Unbounded #2”:
Simien Mountains, Ethiopia
“Sometimes when I look at the natural world, I can’t believe it is anything but extraordinary, the depth of its presence and past, the transparent color palette and one that I imagine from the ethereal experience. I m moved by the landscapes complex offerings, yet soothed by the calmness it projects. I contemplate the symmetry and captivating luminosity of the scene in front of me, it’s influential properties seem to steer my subconscious to the moment in a profound manner.
The landscape appears pure and untouched by current environmental hazards and allows me to narrate bold colors in search of a complex environmental balance. I m most thankful for these experiences.”

AI-AP Slideshow:

Big Congratulations! to Lennette from all of us here at Altpick!

To see more of Lennette Newell’s work, please go to her website and Altpick page.



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