Happy Holidays from Altpick Members!

Happy Holidays from Altpick’s members: photographers, illustrators, designers, animators, and multi-media artists!  Wishing everyone a healthy, happy and prosperous 2019!

©Erika LeBarre

©Oliver Wetter

©Studio Caswell

©Umberto Grati

©Huan Tran

©Joey Feldman

©Dingding Hu

©Kyle Dreier

©Kate Turning

©Caitlin Alexander

©Giulio Bonasera

©Davide Bonazzi

©Paul Garland

©Ray-Mel Cornelius

©Lyn Alice

©Sally Vitsky

©Robert Houser

©David Fullarton

©Tracy Mattocks

©Kim Wiseman

@Whitney Lane

©Ale and Ale

©Anthony Foronda

©Dave Calver

©Bradley Clark

©Ivan Canu

©Jing Jing Tsong

©Lacko Illustration

©Andreas von Buddenbrock

©Yien Yip

©David Owens

©Carlo Giambarresi

©Karolin Schnoor

©Victo Ngai

©Alberto Ruggieri

©Joey Guidone

©Garth Glazier

©Lisa Adams

©Philippe de Kemmeter

©Susan Gal

©Urs Knobel

©Tracy Mattocks

©Brian Allen

Enjoy the holiday festivities! To see more of the artists’ work, please visit Altpick.com.

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