Oliver Wetter’s Cover and Wrap for the Curse of the Lost Memories

©Oliver Wetter

Illustrator Oliver Wetter’s pieces for the cover and wrap-around view for the Curse of the Lost Memories is for the first volume of the Chronicles of the Celestial Chains adventure path for 5E or Pathfinder 1E for Griffon Lore Games.

To create the cover, Oliver basically used a mix between 3d work (character design) and matte painting / compositing in Photoshop (Environment) painting over and in between, to blur the lines.

The briefing included building an illustration that satisfies two types of players; those totally into characters and details, those who are into environments and atmosphere and those who love both.  Oliver created the character using Zbrush, which was an exciting new learning experience!  In turn, Oliver found the project challenging and very rewarding.

©Oliver Wetter

Illustrator: Oliver Wetter

Client: Griffon Lore Games

To see more of Oliver Wetter’s work, please visit his page on Altpick.com.

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