Bonasera Illustrates and Animates Stories From “Seat 14/C” Writing Competition

©Giulio Bonasera

Created by the X Prize Foundation, “Seat 14/C” is a worldwide challenge that lets writers from all walks of life compete against one another in order to be featured alongside some of the world’s most prominent sci-fi novelists. Focusing on an airline that gets transported 20 years into the future by accidentally passing through a wormhole, each writer gets to tell the story of a different passenger (where competitors will tackle the story of “Seat 14/C”).

But what is a good short-story without a great illustration? With this competition, several prominent illustrators also got an opportunity to shine, including our very own member, Giulio Bonasera. And not only did he illustrate a couple of the narratives, he also made sure to animate them as well! Take a look below and enjoy, as each of them represent a certain segment from each story. Links to the full versions are provided at the bottom!

©Giulio Bonasera

“Reload”, from James Smythe’s “Catharsis”:

‘Mommy said you would want to speak with me. She said that it might help you, if you ever came back.’
‘What are you? I don’t understand.’
‘I’m a memory.’

©Giulio Bonasera

“Extra Time”, from Hugh Howey’s “Full Unemployment”:

“It’s funny – I think I worked my ass off so you’d have all the things I never had, but those weren’t the things that mattered. I learned this in Tokyo. Never told you. Doubt I would have if I’d landed twenty years ago.”

AD: Colin Peartree | Client: XPrize – All Nippon Airways

Visit Giulio Bonasera’s website and Altpick page to see more of his images.

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