Brian Cummings Makes it Anywhere with Adobe

©Brian Cummings

©Brian Cummings

by Brian Cummings

Like most creatives working commercially, I do not always have the opportunity to see final product of the projects I’ve worked on. With an ever evolving world of media platforms, it’s easy to miss the final campaign. Well, imagine my surprise when I launched Adobe’s CC14 programs (Illustrator & Indesign) to see the fruits of our labor staring back at me.

The fine folks at Adobe have been busy bridging the gaps between the physical and digital art world. With their new mobile apps, designers and artists are able to work from their smart phone or tablet and have it link directly to their digital library via Adobe Creative Cloud.

©Brian Cummings

©Brian Cummings

As part of their Make It campaign, Adobe has recruited some of the industry’s design and art elite to showcase how the mobile apps streamline their creative process. With each new app release, Adobe is releasing a tutorial video featuring designers/artists like Timothy Goodman, Nicole Jacek and Alejandro Chaveta demonstrating the key app functions. Each video shows the artists working from idea to final printed piece.

©Brian Cummings

©Brian Cummings

I joined the project in NYC (Timothy Goodman), LA (Nicole Jacek – and San Francisco (Alejandro Chaveta) working with Adobe’s video team. My assignment was to create a portrait campaign that complements the final videos.♦

©Brian Cummings

©Brian Cummings

Photographer: Brian Cummings                                                                                                    Client: Adobe                                                                                                                                    ECD : AJ Joseph                                                                                                                                    CD: Brian Yap

To see more of Brian Cummings’ work, please go to his website and Altpick page.

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